USB Products

We can customise your USB memory sticks by either printing or engraving your company's logo onto one of our many models. We also offer services such as data preloading, autorun programmes and individual naming to add further customisation to your USB memory sticks.

  1. Twister USB Flashdrive 000CPFM009A

    Twister USB Flashdrive
    USB Flashdrive with rotating metal sleeve that allows you to print or laser engraving any logo or...
  2. Usb Fan 00333467

    Usb Fan
    USB powered ventilator for a refreshing breeze. Simply plug into any USB port or Notebook or PC to...
  3. USB Cup Warmer with Hub 00333472

    USB Cup Warmer with Hub
    Desktop hot-plate with 4 port hub to keep your drink warmer for longer. With 4 downstream ports for...
  4. USB Cube Dock - Hub 00333512

    USB Cube Dock - Hub
    USB dock station and hub 2 in 1. Dock and 2 USB hub 2 in 1, lets you tranfer data conveniently and...
  5. Gps Photo Triptracker 00333546

    Gps Photo Triptracker
    Create and share your travel highlights in seconds... Great gadget that contains software &...
  6. Pokket Mouse 00358727

    Pokket Mouse
    Luxury, slim optical mouse with LED's that lights up your logo with a simple touch of the mouse....

    From€10.42 EACH

  7. Usb Cube Dock 00382134

    Usb Cube Dock
    Allows convenient plugging of any USB device without having to crawl under your desk. Smart...
  8. Pokket mouse Eco 105897

    Pokket mouse Eco
    Smart optical mouse made from bio degradable shell, good print area

    From€11.02 EACH

  9. Usb Flashdrive Matt 105902

    Usb Flashdrive Matt
    Keep the environment in shape with this popular FlashDrive model. Environmentally friendly...
  10. Usb Flashdrive Twist 105903

    Usb Flashdrive Twist
    Flip your promotion! Handy mini design in robust stainless steel housing. Including soft touch...