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We can customise your USB memory sticks by either printing or engraving your company's logo onto one of our many models. We also offer services such as data preloading, autorun programmes and individual naming to add further customisation to your USB memory sticks.

  1. Twister USB Flashdrive 000CPFM009A

    Twister USB Flashdrive
    USB Flashdrive with rotating metal sleeve that allows you to print or laser engraving any logo or...
  2. Flashpen Stylus 133175

    Flashpen Stylus
    Flash drive pen and soft touch stylus in one
  3. Usb Flashdrive Twist 105903

    Usb Flashdrive Twist
    Flip your promotion! Handy mini design in robust stainless steel housing. Including soft touch...
  4. BrandCharger Logo Charger Bulb 183193

    BrandCharger Logo Charger Bulb
    Our BrandCharger Logo Charger Bulb has a flat profile and a stylish matt black finish. It's ideal...

    From€5.47 EACH

  5. Usb Memorypen Laserpointer 105909

    Usb Memorypen Laserpointer
    Make sure your pen stays in their pocket! High quality pen with internal flash memory. Comes with...
  6. UK Stock model 24376

    UK Stock model
    Our UK Stock model in lozenge shape offers colourful plastic highlights and large neutral silver...
  7. Colour 105964

    Heavyweight metal drive with large 4 col process branding area
  8. Usb Keydrive 105972

    Usb Keydrive
    The key to success! Key-shaped USB FlashDrive which easily attached to your key chain. Includes...
  9. Portable Charger PRO plus 207988

    Portable Charger PRO plus
    Slim portable gadget charger with great branding options and a large capacity. Fully compliant...

    From€29.57 EACH

  10. Square Powerbank 177614

    Square Powerbank
    2000 mAh power bank with full colour digital print, suitable for charging most smartphones....

    From€11.13 EACH