Merchandise For Ploughing Championships

The Ploughing Championship is an integral part of Irish farming culture, and for customer facing businesses, it’s also a vital opportunity to engage with the public and promote your business. If it’s your mission to spread the word about your company, we can help you to take care of the finer details so that you can sit back and enjoy the success of a job well done. The Ploughing Championship attracts the biggest crowds at any consumer event in Ireland, and this means that many companies will be vying for public attention during the event. [...]

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Promotional Products For The Construction And DIY Sector

Promotional merchandise is all about selecting the right products to reflect your business and its ethos, and this applies to the construction and DIY sector, too. Finding the right promotional products for your industry can be a challenge – and working with us allows you to choose from a huge range of products, so you can get it just right.

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5 Reasons To Use Promotional Products

Did you know that promotional products are the most effective advertising tool today? Studies show that employees and clients love receiving promotional gifts, and we can work with you to create the most diverse and unique products for your business, reflecting your ethos and brand.

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Social Media Management Tools To Help You Manage Your Social Media Campaigns

When you’re responsible for social media campaigns, there are many ways to lighten the load, including several of our favourite social media management tools. We are here to help, whether you want to grow your social media output or back up your campaigns with top line promotional products, so talk to us at Connect Promotions today.

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SWAG Ideas For Your Next Conference Or Event

Whether you’re running an event designed to motivate your employees or a conference for potential clients, you’ll probably have been thinking about the sort of ‘swag’ you want to invest in. Swag refers to branded promotional products that are distributed at your event, and can be an excellent way to embed your marketing message and keep your brand at front of mind.

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The Importance Of Follow Up

Most sales people hate the follow up stage of the job, and here at Connect Promotions, it certainly isn’t our favourite thing to do. However, it’s an essential part of making sales, and if you’re afraid of putting yourself out there and being rejected, you may not be making the most of your potential.

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Far East Sourcing Is Still A Challenge

Sourcing products from all over the world allows us at Connect Promotions to create an extensive catalogue of promotional merchandise that can make your business stand out from the crowd. Letting us take the strain for you can enable you to get on with other tasks and relax in the knowledge that you’ll receive a top quality service.

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Is Promotional Merchandising The Key To Connecting With Millennials?

Are you appealing to millennials? For the first time, statistics show that adverts are not working on their target audience: millennials are turning away from traditional advertising, and this could change the face of marketing forever. Millennials are the future for successful companies, since they are the employees and clients who will move business to the next level. Investing time and energy into marketing strategies that will appeal to them is vital, and the research so far shows that promotional merchandise could lead the way.

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Promotional Products For The Summer

Most of us love the summer months, especially when we can take the opportunity to make the most of the warmer weather and lighter evenings. At Connect Promotions, summer also brings us plenty of occasions to create personalised gifts that are unique, and perfectly suited to the season.

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Tips For Success In The Business World

Challenges come in many different shapes and sizes, and we all know that office politics, career frustrations and everyday irritations can get in the way of our working life and overwhelm us. Here at Connect Promotions, our emphasis is on streamlining your working day to relieve the pressure and help things to run more smoothly.

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