Powerful Promotional Products

We’re heading into the season of goodwill, and our friends and family will be on our minds as we choose special gifts for them. However, this is also an excellent time of year to show your appreciation for your team and your clients, and there’s nothing like a promotional gift to get everyone in the mood for the festivities.

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Get The Most From Your Promotional Products

Research shows that promotional merchandise is the advertising method of choice for many people today, especially amongst the millennial generation who are driving business change at a rapid rate. This means that getting your merchandise right is more important than ever before

Telling Stories Can Build Your Business

Storytelling is a powerful way to build your brand, and the products you associate with your business should reflect the voice you cultivate for it. Your customers and potential customers do not simply want a product but a connection with a company that has an ethos and a voice they like.

The Ultimate Tech-Savvy Portfolio

We live in a highly digital world, and tech-based products are a clear winner if you are aiming to attract a market of tech savvy professionals. Ultimately, you want to ensure that the promotional gifts you offer are used, shared and made public as much as possible, and we believe that the key to this is in matching your professionals with practical and high-end products they will love. Are you planning an event, conference, seminar or meeting for the tech savvy professionals of today? A high-end promotional gift such as the Pembury Tecfolio is the [...]

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Why Brand Mission Matters

Brand mission is a major part of your business strategy, and getting it right makes the difference between loyal customers and potential customers who end up opting for your competitors. If your brand mission is clear, it can steer your business to success, so it's worth seeking out the expertise to make it happen.

Secrets Of The World’s Biggest Brands …

Are you brand aware? We are surrounded by brands and business names every day of our lives, but many people do not realise just how embedded in our culture branding is. We’ve found some interesting facts about some of the world’s biggest brands, and we’re sure that some of these will be news to you! Brand Name Secrets How many of these secrets about the big brands did you already know? • Adidas and Puma. Did you know that these two super brands came about as the result of a fierce family feud that involved [...]

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Branded Clothing: What You Need To Know

Choosing your promotional merchandise products is all about finding out what your ideal client wants and how you can meet their needs. Branded clothing has always been a popular choice of promotional product, especially since studies show that custom branded clothing can generate more than 2300 impressions in its lifetime! However, the variety of promotional clothing available can make the choice overwhelming. We work hard to take the pressure off you, so talk to us about what you want and we can design a tailor-made plan. The promotional or branded clothing you choose can have [...]

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Laptop Bags: Promotional Products For Today

Finding the right promotional products to connect you with your ideal demographic and ensure your brand is seen in all the right places can be a challenge. Working with us at Connect Promotions enables you to access our extensive catalogue of high quality products and benefit from our expertise in finding the perfect products for your brand. Are you trying to connect with a target demographic that uses laptops or tablets every day for work or study? A laptop bag is one of the essentials for this type of consumer, and our high-end designs are [...]

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Benchmark Your Career In Marketing

Are you keeping up with your peers in the marketing race to the top? It’s tricky to define what you need to succeed, but looking at the average age and skillset of marketers, along with the gender split and levels of experience and success, can be helpful in working out the best way to pursue your career. Promotional merchandise is an increasingly important component of successful marketing, as we recently discussed in our blog on Millennials. The challenges of engaging clients and team members who actively avoid direct advertising and prefer promotional merchandise are new, [...]

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Merchandise For Ploughing Championships

The Ploughing Championship is an integral part of Irish farming culture, and for customer facing businesses, it’s also a vital opportunity to engage with the public and promote your business. If it’s your mission to spread the word about your company, we can help you to take care of the finer details so that you can sit back and enjoy the success of a job well done. The Ploughing Championship attracts the biggest crowds at any consumer event in Ireland, and this means that many companies will be vying for public attention during the event. [...]

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