Promotional merchandise is an exciting industry to work within at the moment, since the emerging trends are so diverse and inspiring. Far from the generic and limited options in previous years, clients can now choose from a huge range of products and designs for their promotional merchandise, and can personalise products to reinforce brand identity and demonstrate high quality.

Here at Connect Promotions, we source products from all over the world to create a catalogue that is flexible and extensive. Working with us enables you to design a range of promotional products that fit with your ethos and brand image and to distribute these as effectively as possible. Promotional merchandise is an essential part of your marketing strategy, and we can take the stress out of the process and ensure you get all the benefits.

What Is Hot This Year?

Contemporary trends change fast, and it can help to remember a few simple tips to help you make the right choices:

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of quality. When you distribute promotional merchandise, you’re making a statement about your business. Look at the sort of products that are popular with consumers right now, and you will see that quality is a very important consideration, that speaks volumes about your business and your attitude. Water bottles, reusable coffee mugs and glass tea flasks are all bang on trend right now, and quality is essential. This doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget, however. Many more affordable suppliers are actually made by the same manufacturers and offer the same quality and durability without the hefty price tag that accompanies a designer brand name.

2. Consider environmental impact. Eco options are in high demand at present, especially among young, environmentally aware professionals. You can’t afford to ignore this consideration if you want to appeal to a Millennial demographic, so look carefully at your options. Materials such as bamboo and cork are very popular at the moment, and products with a limited shelf life that cannot be recycled, such as most plastic gifts, are seriously out of favour.

3. Embrace wellness products. This trend is obviously not suited to every industry, but wellness products are, in general, highly desirable and very popular. Products such as fitness trackers, fitness clothing and even healthy eating accessories can make excellent promotional merchandise ideas, and if your business has a health or wellness connection, you can build this into every aspect of your marketing programme to increase your benefits.

4. Go for bright colours. Bright colours are dominating consumer wish lists at the moment, perhaps as an antidote to the negativity that surrounds us in the media. Bold, bright statement pieces send a positive message to your customers and this association with your brand can only be a good thing for your business. There are many products that are ideally suited to bright colours, including clothing and personal gadgets, but giving a bright facelift to a normally dull object may be even more striking!

Talk To Connect Promotions About Promotional Merchandise

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