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5 Best Promotional Product Trends For 2023 In Ireland

It’s time to plan your marketing strategy for the year ahead, and if you want to be ahead of the competition, you’ll be thinking about the promotional product trends that will be hot in 2023. Here’s our rundown on the must-have promotional products that will help you to stand out from the crowd, so that you can be a brand leader this year.

Practical products and those with eco credentials are topping the list this year, and premium brand promotional products are more popular than ever. You won’t see a branded pen on this list, as generic branded gifts are no longer cutting it with the millennials, but you’ll find a great selection of products in our catalogue that can be personalised to create a unique and top quality range of promotional gifts for your business.

5 Top Trends in Promotional Marketing:

Getting your branded marketing right means developing promotional products that are relevant to your brand and create positive connections with your target market. If used correctly, promotional merchandise can make a huge difference to the success of your marketing strategy, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our top recommendations for 2022 include:

  1. Re-usable Coffee Cups. This year will see Ireland imposing a ‘latte levy’ on disposable coffee cups, as part of a strategy to change the habits of consumers and reduce single-use plastics. It is estimated that 22,000 disposable coffee and tea cups are used every hour in Ireland, and this represents a great opportunity to contribute to a greener planet. It also means that re-usable coffee cups will be in high demand, since these will equate to substantial savings for your employees and customers. Creating a re-usable promotional coffee cup that carries your logo or branding will create ongoing marketing opportunities for you, and this is a great example of a branded gift that will be useful to your recipients, and can be re-used on a daily basis. The positive associations of a thoughtful and practical gift such as this creates a good impression of your brand, and you can be proud to do your bit to protect the environment as part of your marketing strategy.

eco travel mug

  1. Health and fitness products. Health and wellness products are particularly relevant to the young professionals of today, who are as likely to take their lunch break in the gym as at their desk. The way in which your employees and customers spend their time is, of course, relevant to your promotional marketing strategy, and products that are connected to their interests will be much more effective as promotional gifts. There are many options within this category of products, and you can build connections with your health-conscious followers by creating a range of gifts that is functional and embraces gym style. Ideas such as branded water bottles for the gym and branded exercise clothing are very popular with those who prioritise their health and wellbeing, and you can create very positive associations with your brand when you develop products such as this as promotional gifts and gifts to incentivise your team members.

sports bottle


  1. Eco-friendly Products. Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today, and studies show that consumers are willing to make big changes to their lifestyle and their spending habits in order to make a difference. The research suggests that millennials are more eco-conscious than older generations, and this is great news when you’re seeking to develop eco-friendly promotional products that resonate with your target market and your employees. These young professionals are taking the lead, and this means that sustainability is a very important consideration within your marketing strategy for many reasons. Shopping habits have changed dramatically, along with thinking about the sorts of promotional gifts that make the right impact. Take a look at the eco-friendly options out there, and you may be surprised to find that you can select from a wide range of beautiful and well made products that will speak volumes about the quality of your brand, and you can feel good about your contribution to the health of the planet as you do so.


eco friendly products

  1. Company swag and branded clothing for employees. The importance of company culture has been recognised in recent years, and studies show that a positive company culture makes a huge difference to morale, productivity and turnover. Companies with strong branding and culture have become more attractive to work for than those that are lacking in these areas, and consequently, businesses are investing in company culture like never before. Company swag can be a big part of developing a positive culture in your company, encouraging your employees to feel committed to your brand and building loyalty and connection. Feeling that you fit in with the team is essential in any working environment, and developing company swag that unites your employees and shows them that they are valued is an excellent way to promote inclusion. It is vital, however, to consider the quality of the products you invest in, since a product that is poorly made or ill fitting will not have the same impact as a stylish item that looks and feels great.

Helly Hansen Employee Branded Clothes

  1. Premium Brands. Promotional products that are created in conjunction with top name brands are an exciting way to make the most of brand association, and are proving exceedingly popular with many of our clients. We specialise in creating excellent quality products with big name brands, including Helly Hansen jackets, exclusive Cross presentation pens, Moleskine notebooks and travel mugs from Contigo. These products exude a sense of style and reliability that can only create positive associations for your company, and gifting a superior item such as this can speak volumes about you and your ethos. Premium brand gifts are a great way to show your clients and your most prized employees just how much they mean to you, and will set your company ahead of the competition as a top quality employer who really cares.

Helly Hansen Promotional Clothes


Find Innovative Promotional Gifts At Connect Promotions

Here at Connect Promotions, we know exactly how to make the most of your marketing strategy, and we can ensure effective investment in the growth of your business. Our expertise is in working with each of our clients to create a range of products that represents the unique nature of their business, and we can help you from conceptualisation and design, right through to the delivery of your branded products, to you or to your recipients worldwide.

When you are looking for promotional merchandise in Ireland, including Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, we can work with you to ensure that you get it right. Talk to our expert team to find out more about working with us to create promotional products and corporate gifts that make the right impression on your employees and your customers.

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