Generating leads is a high priority for all businesses, and when you’re using promotional products in the right way, this can become an easier process. If you’re not getting the precise and effective results you want from your promotional marketing, there is certainly room for improvement in your strategy and use of promotional products.

Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to plan and execute campaigns and to generate leads using promotional products. Our targeted approach is popular with our partners because it helps to reduce their workload, make leads more relevant and streamline the marketing process. Most importantly of all, we know it works!

 Promotional Products Can Generate Leads: Proven Techniques

  • Send out your products directly. Promotional merchandise is most often given out at events, but sending promotional products directly to potential leads can be an effective way to market your business. Targeting specific leads with personalised or themed products to fit your brand can be a great way to build new connections and engage with potential partners. Ensure that you are complying with new GDPR rules and only contacting leads using personal data if they have explicitly consented to this.
  • Increase your reach. Promotional products are not just for marketing purposes, but can also influence the way clients feel about a company they are working with. Your sales team may be able to effectively use promotional products to improve perceptions of your business and close more sales, so talk to us about the best promotional items for this purpose.
  • Develop tiered gifting. Filtering your potential leads with a tiered system of giving can enable you to build more productive connections and increase your conversion rate. For example, at a trade event, you might give away a large quantity of promotional products such as stationery, but also have a higher value range of gifts for leads who provide their contact information, make a purchase or book a follow up. You’ll find that this system attracts a high number of potential leads while also allowing you to filter them for higher quality leads who are a better match with your company.
  • Go digital. Digital incentives appear to be a popular way to generate leads and these are ideal for a networking or trade event when you can potentially connect with hundreds of new contacts. Offering a voucher that can be redeemed via your website will greatly increase your traffic and ensure a connection with your brand, while your contact will receive a gift such as a restaurant voucher, a music download or a theatre ticket, which they will regard as a high value reward.
  • Incentivise referrals. Clients love promotional products that are useful and attractive, and you can incentivise them to refer their friends or contacts to you by offering these. This is a great way to reward customer loyalty and reinforce your brand message, as well as increasing your own data pool with valuable leads.

 Find Excellent Promotional Gifts In Ireland

At Connect Promotions, we offer a personal experience that can make your working life easier. We can work with you on long term strategies or special events, and we can collate and deliver your products to your venue ready for distribution if you wish. You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out what we can do for you, or contact us online to discuss your needs.