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How Quality Branded Clothing Can Help Staff Retention

Branded uniforms and clothing can be highly effective tools for marketing and staff retention, and this has become an exciting and diverse way to grow your brand. Whether you are introducing new uniform ranges for your entire staff team or creating items for special occasion wear, we can help you to make it work for your business. Here at Connect Promotions, we have many years experience of working in partnership with businesses to create relevant and high quality ranges of promotional products. Branded garments are a large part of this, and they can be used [...]

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How To Overcome The Fears That Hold You Back

Is your business exactly where you want it to be? If you dream of greater success or of taking your company to the next level, it’s important to take a look at what is holding you back. Whatever your business, and whatever your long and short-term goals, you will face obstacles and frustrations that block your progress. This is not surprising, but many people are not aware that many of the obstacles that are holding them back are of their own making. Our own attitudes and behaviours are often the most restrictive factors in our [...]

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Some Quick Marketing Wins

A great deal of marketing strategy involves planning for the long term, and it is important to invest in a forward-thinking approach, but there are many things you can do in the short term to generate results fast. The success of your marketing strategy can be seen in your analytics and your conversion rate, and it can take time to make a difference to these, but it is possible to boost your results when you try some of the following ideas.  Marketing Tricks To Try Today  Make more of your content. You can boost your [...]

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How Content Is Evolving

A corporate marketing strategy should be diverse in its approach, and it is important to understand and keep up with the trends that are working well for the market leaders in your industry. Content marketing is changing at a fast rate, and our guide to the latest trends may be helpful to you as you consider your future plans. Promotional merchandise is also a very useful tool in your marketing strategy, and here at Connect Promotions, we know that we can make the most of the opportunities for you. Contact us to discuss working in [...]

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Promotional Products In Your Marketing Strategy

Promotional products have a key place in a modern marketing strategy but many companies are still not making the most of them as a tool to grow their business. Working with Connect Promotions can enable you to embrace this marketing opportunity and take advantage of all of the benefits of a well planned promotional marketing strategy. Making your promotional merchandise work for you is all about maximising every opportunity to raise the profile of your brand, and adopting a varied and far-reaching approach is the most effective way to do this. The following tips demonstrate [...]

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5 Ways To Generate Leads With Promotional Products

Generating leads is a high priority for all businesses, and when you’re using promotional products in the right way, this can become an easier process. If you’re not getting the precise and effective results you want from your promotional marketing, there is certainly room for improvement in your strategy and use of promotional products. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to plan and execute campaigns and to generate leads using promotional products. Our targeted approach is popular with our partners because it helps to reduce their workload, make leads more relevant and streamline [...]

Smarter Egg: A Case Study

Here at Connect Promotions, we love to partner with innovative businesses to create a promotional marketing strategy that works on many levels. Smarter Egg is a growing business, based in Cork, which aims to provide professional development through peer coaching programmes and events. The Smarter Egg network is all about making connections between individuals and leading business professionals while accessing dynamic new business thinking via relaxed and stimulating events. When Aodan Enright, the brains behind Smarter Egg, came to us at Connect Promotions, he was looking for something special. Here’s how we delivered:  What Works [...]

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Developing Your Logo Gift Set

Getting your promotional merchandise right means making it relevant and desirable to your customers, and increasing your leads through effective targeting. A logo gift set is a collection of promotional products that are connected to your brand and put together to create a unique and thoughtful gift. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to design a logo gift set that your staff team and customers will love! Growing your brand identity with personalised promotional products offers you the opportunity to target campaigns and build an attractive gift that suits your budget and your [...]

4 Branding Rules To Get The Most From Your Company Merchandise

Promotional merchandise is a popular form of marketing and has come a long way since companies began to distribute personalised pens on a mass scale. Today, promotional items are specific and offer a unique way to develop your brand through good quality gifts, branded clothing and corporate items. The gifts you give out connect to your brand identity, and can be a powerful part of your marketing and branding strategy. Here at Connect Promotions, we understand how promotional merchandise should be used, and we’re here to help you get it right. We will be on [...]

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The Power Of Colour

We are surrounded by colour every day of our lives, and it’s no surprise that it has an impact on the way we feel. Marketers know this, and use the power of colour every day to influence our decision making and the connections we make with their brands. Research shows that colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%, and just taking a look at your favourite brands shows how important the connection between colour and brand image really is. It’s a precise science, but making the most of colour in your marketing strategy can [...]

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