Make a mental note for the day……how many cups of tea or coffee will you drink? Nearly 50% of people in the office will drink 4 or more cups of coffee or tea in one day, this definitely occurs in our office!!

What will you drink this out of…….Mugs are on people’s desks 365 days a year, why not have your brand on these mugs to continuously advertise your company to your customers and their friends.

Your customers get something unique and personalised, and the best thing is that mugs have universal impact which makes them suitable for every industry.

With our huge range of products, available in a variety of colours why not use a mug to introduce your brand, services and facilities, or even to generate a sales lead…………no cold calling when a potential customer is drinking a warm cuppa from your branded mug!!

Our selection of Earthenware mugs are one of the most durable and long lasting promotional products available. These are suitable for all different types of print so even if your logo is 1 colour or full colour we can cater for you.

Looking for something a bit more traditional………have a look at our Bone China range.

These are delicate in appearance but an extremely durable product with a fantastic selection of cups and saucers, tea or coffee sets and dinner services in our range. Bone China are my favourite with their classic appeal, but also stunning contemporary styles to keep them current and dare I say it….trendy. Like the Earthenware range, printing possibilities can vary to suit your needs.

I could go on and discuss each mug in our range but I think there is one that stands out from the rest…..the Spoon Mug. New to the market but have been selling at an enormous rate, all of the top brands worldwide have used the Spoon Mug.

Contact us today to discuss our range and how we can match your logo to one of our mugs………Our sales team are on hand………and have had their morning coffee!