Are you keeping up with your peers in the marketing race to the top? It’s tricky to define what you need to succeed, but looking at the average age and skillset of marketers, along with the gender split and levels of experience and success, can be helpful in working out the best way to pursue your career.

Promotional merchandise is an increasingly important component of successful marketing, as we recently discussed in our blog on Millennials. The challenges of engaging clients and team members who actively avoid direct advertising and prefer promotional merchandise are new, and we are on hand to help you to make the most of these opportunities, whatever your experience level.

Which Marketing Professional Are You?

1. The Marketing Executive. Our average marketing executive is 31 years old, and likely to be female (64%). Our typical marketing exec works 40 hours per week and makes use of LinkedIn (95%), Twitter (34%) and blog posts (35%) to promote their profile. Specialist areas are likely to include video, but areas to develop include planning and strategy development.

2. Marketing Manager. The average marketing manager is 36 years old, and 69% are female. This professional works around 43 hours per week, and relies on LinkedIn and Twitter as above. Areas of strength typically include communications, content marketing and event marketing.

3. Head of Marketing. Our Head of Marketing is still most likely to be female (74%), and is on average around 43 years old. Professionals in this role are likely to work around 45 hours per week, and 100% use LinkedIn to promote their profile while 39% use Twitter. Specialist skills include communications, account management and brand development.

4. Marketing Director. As in many industries, the top job sees a male bias here (59%) despite higher rates of female professionals at all other levels. On average, our Marketing Director is 44 years old and works 49 hours per week. Again, LinkedIn is the most popular way to promote a profile (97%), followed by Twitter (62%), speaking at events (56%) and blog posts (50%). This professional possesses expertise in strategy development, planning, and marketing in general.

Talk To Connect Promotions About Promotional Merchandise

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