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10 Essential Promotional Products For Summer 2024!

Summer is here and it’s time to get organised with your summer promotional products to take advantage of the season. Your summer promotional merchandise can be a great addition to a party or summer event and our summer swag ideas can bring the sunshine into your workplace, boosting employee morale and encouraging your team and clients to spread the word about your business while they make the most of the summer.

We can’t wait for some warmer weather and we’ve been considering the best summer promotional products to make an impact at your outdoor events and parties. Read on for our top recommendations and summer essentials, and we’ll help you to plan and create a range of summer promotional items and giveaways that will take your business to the next level.

1. Wireless Outdoor Speaker

wireless outdoor speaker

Combining tech and practicality is a great way to get the attention of your employees and clients, and this wireless outdoor speaker is ideal as a promotional gift for the summer months. Bluetooth speakers are ideal for parties, special events and even the company picnic, bringing the fun to the occasion and ensuring that your brand message will be spread far and wide this summer.


2. Picnic Blanket

picnic summer

Nothing says summer like a picnic, and when the summer sun is out, it’s time to grab the picnic blanket and pick up some tasty treats. Picnic blankets offer great opportunities for branding with your company logo, and when you team up with a quality brand, you’ll benefit from the association with a reliable and stylish household name. We love this Riviera water-resistant outdoor picnic blanket, which combines perfectly with other outdoor and beach promotional items to create a range of summer essentials for all your outdoor activities.

3. Picnic Bag

Warm weather is in, but warm food at a picnic is most definitely out and this Helsinki Cooler Picnic Bag is the perfect option to keep your picnic cool and delicious. It’s a great size for all your food and drinks and has several pockets for all your essentials, too. A cooler bag printed with your company logo is a great way to share your business with the world this summer, helping your customers to enjoy a picnic in the summer heat and ensuring your brand is synonymous with fun times.


4. BBQ tools

Who doesn’t love a barbecue in the garden? Summer afternoons are the perfect time to light up the bbq and invite your friends and family to join you for great food and drinks in the sun, and this is a great opportunity to promote your brand. This Barcabo 3 Piece BBQ Set will be handy all summer long, ensuring that your clients and employees appreciate your promotional products while they’re having a great time.

Continuing the barbecue theme, this BBQ Set with Hamburger Press and Brush is a great addition to a summer bbq setup and will impress guests no end. Innovative promotional products like this are excellent for making a memorable impression, and aligning your summer promotional items with fun, relaxing social events will encourage positive feeling about your brand.

5. Beach Ball Set

When you’re planning your summer promotional items, don’t forget about fun and games at the beach. Ball games and beach toys are ideal to bring the fun factor, and you can make a major brand statement when you create a range of promotional gifts that includes these. This Beach Ball Set is ideal for an impromptu game with the family or for a lighthearted summer competition at a corporate event, and we can help you to design a marketing campaign that sends the right message to your clients and followers.

6. Bike Repair Kit

summer cycling

Promotional products that are practical and can be reused several times are the ideal choice, and a bike repair kit ticks the box nicely. For your active employees and customers, a bike repair kit is a great option, especially if you are trying to encourage green schemes like cycling to work. Summer giveaways like this will ensure that your brand name is at front of mind with every use. This Bike Repair Kit Compact is a good choice, containing all of the essentials in a convenient compact case, making repairs on the go easier during summer adventures.

7. Foldable Beach Chair

Foldable beach chair

This is another example of a practical product winning the day when it comes to summer promotional product ideas. A beach chair that can be carried around with ease makes for a great summer solution and we love this Foldable Beach Chair with Pouch. It’s a great, lightweight option for convenience and will ensure your brand is thought of positively all summer long.

8. Mosquito Trap

Nothing spoils a summer occasion like a cloud of bugs, and you can make a great impression with your summer promotional items when you provide the solution to this problem. This Grundig LED Mosquito Trap is an excellent choice of promotional gift, offering a simple, safe solution to keep your outdoor events and parties bug free. Gift choices like this will enable your recipients to really make the most of the summer, and this reflects very well on your brand image.

9. Sunglasses


Preparing for the summer season means finding clothing and accessories that look and feel great, and if you can take the hassle out of the process for your employees and customers, you’ll make a positive impression. These Bamboo and RCS Recycled Sunglasses tick every box, aligning your business with eco values and showing that you are a caring company that combines practicality and style. These are a great summer giveaway and can form an integral part of your social media marketing campaign with our help.

10. Water Bottle

stainless water bottle summer

Staying hydrated is an important way to stay healthy, especially in the summer, and a reusable water bottle is a thoughtful gift that can help. The Avior RCS Recycled Stainless Steel can keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours so it’s the perfect choice for a summer picnic or event, and a bottle such as this will last a lifetime, giving maximum opportunities for brand exposure. We also have plenty of promotional drinkware that is ideal for summer events and occasions, and you can see our full range on our website.

Whether you’re considering promotional giveaways and partyware for a corporate event this summer or you want to find the perfect summer gift for a tradeshow, we have a wide range of practical, eco-friendly products for you to consider.

Excellent Promotional Products in Ireland

Making the most of your summer promotional product ideas is all about putting your customers or employees first and thinking about what could make the season more enjoyable for them. Matching your promotional products to the needs and desires of your target market will make a big difference to the way your brand is perceived.

Talk to our experienced team today to build your promotional product range for the summer and let us take the strain out of the process. We can design, source and deliver your products to your workplace or corporate events worldwide, and we know exactly how to reach the people you want to engage with. Taking the time to get this right will make a big difference to the success of your marketing campaigns, and we will be happy to discuss your vision today.

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