Choosing your promotional merchandise products is all about finding out what your ideal client wants and how you can meet their needs. Branded clothing has always been a popular choice of promotional product, especially since studies show that custom branded clothing can generate more than 2300 impressions in its lifetime! However, the variety of promotional clothing available can make the choice overwhelming. We work hard to take the pressure off you, so talk to us about what you want and we can design a tailor-made plan.

The promotional or branded clothing you choose can have a big impact on your brand awareness and customer connections, so it’s worth getting it right. Working with Connect Promotions means making the most of our expertise and building a partnership that you can rely on to deliver stress-free excellence every time!

What You Need To Know About Promotional Clothing:

1. The choice is yours. We’ll work with you to highlight your target demographic and help you to make the best choices. Whether you want hats, t-shirts, shoes or accessories, you can design your promotional gift range to suit your company or your event. From uniforms to promotional bags, we will source the best suppliers for you and can even deliver your products to your venue if required.

2. It is flexible. There are many options when you are ordering promotional items, and these include the way in which your logo or design appears on your product. For example, a screen printed t-shirt looks quite different to an embroidered t-shirt, and this means you can select the result you want depending on how long you want it to last, which fabric you prefer and the intended purpose of the item.

3. Designs are digitized. When you select embroidered clothing, your design will be stitched onto your garment by an embroidery machine that is computerized to create a highly specialized result. This means that complex and detailed designs can be used, and allows you to relax in the knowledge that your item will look professional and high quality.

4. It can be adapted to any industry. Finding promotional products that match your company ethos is easy when you have a great range to choose from. Your health and wellness company might be ideally suited to luxury-embroidered bathrobes, for example, or you might choose waterproof clothing for your outdoor pursuits business.

5. It’s appreciated by everyone. Whether you’re looking for a gift for team members or to thank a loyal customer for their business, promotional clothing can be a great idea. Work wear is functional and allows you to maximize brand exposure, while casual or luxury items can really enhance customer positivity and commitment to your business.

Let Connect Promotions Take Care Of The Details

Research tells us that promotional gifts are increasingly popular as a means of advertising, and that customers love them. Our years of experience allow us to connect with manufacturers all over the world, bringing you an excellent catalogue to choose from.

We can work with you from the ideas stage to delivery, or handle the arrangements at any time to relieve the pressure on you. We value the relationships we build with our clients, and a partnership with us assures you of a great result every time. You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out what we can do for you, or contact us online to discuss your needs.