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5 Best Promotional Product Trends For 2020 In Ireland

It’s time to plan your marketing strategy for the year ahead, and if you want to be ahead of the competition, you’ll be thinking about the promotional product trends that will be hot in 2020. Here’s our rundown on the must-have promotional products that will help you to stand out from the crowd, so that you can be a brand leader this year. Practical products and those with eco credentials are topping the list this year, and premium brand promotional products are more popular than ever. You won’t see a branded pen on this list, [...]

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7 Amazing Premium Brands For Promotional Clothing

When you are sourcing promotional clothing for your staff team or for your loyal customers, you know that it’s very important to get it right. On-point branding and attention to detail will mean the difference between items that are worn on a daily basis and those that never get a second wearing. Here at Connect Promotions, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we can help to ensure that your promotional clothing makes the right impact. Our research shows that high quality promotional clothing is a great way to grow your brand and spread [...]

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How To Find High Quality Branded Clothing For Your Company

Are you searching for branded clothing for corporate gifts, or uniform that will look great to your customers, feel good for your staff and help to grow your brand? This may sound like a tall order, but good branded clothing should perform all of these functions, and here at Connect Promotions, we can ensure that your branded clothing is working hard for you. There are countless options and decisions to make when you are selecting a range of branded clothing for your company, and working with the professionals is a great way to simplify the [...]

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Premium Branding Strategies

Premium brands demand a different level of commitment and investment from consumers, and in return, they must deliver a higher level of service, quality and customer satisfaction. Positioning your brand as premium will allow greater margins and returns, and can drive your business forward, but it is important to do it right. If you want to make the most of your promotional merchandise, talk to us about how to position your brand as premium. Here at Connect Promotions, we have a range of excellent suppliers and partners who we know we can rely on to [...]

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5 Ways To Generate Leads With Promotional Products

Generating leads is a high priority for all businesses, and when you’re using promotional products in the right way, this can become an easier process. If you’re not getting the precise and effective results you want from your promotional marketing, there is certainly room for improvement in your strategy and use of promotional products. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to plan and execute campaigns and to generate leads using promotional products. Our targeted approach is popular with our partners because it helps to reduce their workload, make leads more relevant and streamline [...]

Developing Your Logo Gift Set

Getting your promotional merchandise right means making it relevant and desirable to your customers, and increasing your leads through effective targeting. A logo gift set is a collection of promotional products that are connected to your brand and put together to create a unique and thoughtful gift. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to design a logo gift set that your staff team and customers will love! Growing your brand identity with personalised promotional products offers you the opportunity to target campaigns and build an attractive gift that suits your budget and your [...]

Common Mistakes With Promotional Merchandise

Promotional products are a key marketing tool that can be used in many ways throughout your organisation, but getting it right can be challenging. Here at Connect Promotions, we know the promotional merchandise industry inside out, and we can pass on our expertise to stop you from making common errors.

Telling Stories Can Build Your Business

Storytelling is a powerful way to build your brand, and the products you associate with your business should reflect the voice you cultivate for it. Your customers and potential customers do not simply want a product but a connection with a company that has an ethos and a voice they like.

Why Brand Mission Matters

Brand mission is a major part of your business strategy, and getting it right makes the difference between loyal customers and potential customers who end up opting for your competitors. If your brand mission is clear, it can steer your business to success, so it's worth seeking out the expertise to make it happen.

Secrets Of The World’s Biggest Brands …

Are you brand aware? We are surrounded by brands and business names every day of our lives, but many people do not realise just how embedded in our culture branding is. We’ve found some interesting facts about some of the world’s biggest brands, and we’re sure that some of these will be news to you! Brand Name Secrets How many of these secrets about the big brands did you already know? • Adidas and Puma. Did you know that these two super brands came about as the result of a fierce family feud that involved [...]

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