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Luxe Vs Low-Cost

We understand that when it comes to Christmas corporate gifts, there’s a lot to consider: - branded/unbranded all the same item different items per person or company and of course, cost Budget is actually one of the first questions we ask to help us make the best selections for you. And while you may feel that a lower cost item is not as well-received, we can tell you that this is not the case. A gift of any size or cost is always appreciated. Whether you like to splurge or make a saving, we have [...]

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Bumper Christmas Special 2015

'Tis' the season to be jolly.....ready with gifts and lots of holly.' Here at Connect Promotions we thrive on happiness and gift giving. We know each and every product and which items make the perfect gift; no matter the budget, taste or circumstance. We just know what gift to give, when you feel like giving. Our Bumper Christmas Special showcases a selection of gifts across the board from Technology to Clothing. We are super excited to offer such a grand array of gifts, so please do contact us to discuss in detail and we can recommend [...]

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Christmas Gifts for Tech Heads

Geeks beware – 2015 is a Christmas made for tech heads. In fact the tech heads here at Connect Pro are in their element eyeing up the super smooth leather tablet sleeves and numerous gadgets. With so much choice on offer, we have decided to simplify (well, as much as you can simplify technology) to showcase some of the incredible technological items we can offer. All items can be purchased branded or branded. Right *rubs hands with glee* - hot tech gifts here we come. Horizon Sleeve First up is the Horizon Tablet Sleeve. Simply [...]

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Last call for 2014

Still got some budget left over? Lucky you! We have some suppliers anxious to boost their sales by  end of December. We have negotiated some really good deals in the past week. Talk to us now and let us see what we can do for you. Call  021 4345980 now. Great New Ideas for 2015 Let’s get to it. There is no better way to promote your brand than with a product that is useful, innovative and fantastic quality… Power Banks are for charging all your gadgets on the go. Which one suits your brand? We have [...]

Desktop Promotional Products.

I want everyone to take a moment and look around your desk. How many promotional products do you see? On my desk I currently have a coaster, a USB, a pen, post-its and a mouse mat. What do you have? Do you know the brand name that is on them? Desktop accessories are by far one of the most efficient and effective promotional products. We see them and use them every day. Cool, quirky and helpful items are going to be remembered and used, giving you fantastic value for money and brand exposure. Coasters really [...]

Promotional Products for College and University Students

The summer is fast approaching us and so too is the Leaving cert. This means students in sixth class all over the country are busy filling in college application forms and attending college open days. Do you need ideas for creative  promotional products for colleges and university students? Then look no further. Goodie bags on the college open day are bound to be loved by the fresh-faced wide-eyed young students. They could be filled with anything from confectionary to pens and keyrings. When I was leaving school and checking out which colleges to go to [...]

Coca Cola – The Master User of Promotional Merchandise!

Promotional merchandise is all about giving customers an item they can keep and reuse which will remind them of your company and brand name. It is one of the most effective forms of advertising and almost everyone partakes in it. For example even big brands such as Coca Cola have invested in branded promotional merchandise. Coca Cola have used many other different forms of marketing mediums for example print but their branded promotional merchandise is what maintains the communication with customers long after we’ve forgotten the advert we’ve seen on TV or in the papers. [...]

Promotional Products and Third level Students!

RAG week is an annual event that is held in most colleges and universities around Ireland. The abbreviation RAG stands for “Raise and give” and it is basically a week of student run charity events and fundraising.  Rag week is usually held every year in January, February and March and usually includes events such as soccer tournaments, quizzes, games, carnivals, entertainment on campus during the day and theme parties and other gigs during the night. Are students your target market or one of them? Then RAG week would be a great way to get exposure [...]