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Get The Most From Your Promotional Products

Research shows that promotional merchandise is the advertising method of choice for many people today, especially amongst the millennial generation who are driving business change at a rapid rate. This means that getting your merchandise right is more important than ever before

Telling Stories Can Build Your Business

Storytelling is a powerful way to build your brand, and the products you associate with your business should reflect the voice you cultivate for it. Your customers and potential customers do not simply want a product but a connection with a company that has an ethos and a voice they like.

Why Brand Mission Matters

Brand mission is a major part of your business strategy, and getting it right makes the difference between loyal customers and potential customers who end up opting for your competitors. If your brand mission is clear, it can steer your business to success, so it's worth seeking out the expertise to make it happen.

The camera that’s making a huge comeback …

It seems these days that technology is progressing so fast that our heads are spinning constantly. This is why we adore seeing a comeback. There's a comfort with what you know - it takes less learning and understanding, plus there is this feeling of kinship. The latest comeback this year is... The Polaroid Snap Camera Although it now has a slick, modern design, a built-in printer and some handy gadgetry. But don't let that distract from those cherished memories. These upgrades are designed to make the Polaroid Snap much more memorable. Polaroid Snap Camera Features [...]

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Be Taken With A Mug

Make a mental note for the day……how many cups of tea or coffee will you drink? Nearly 50% of people in the office will drink 4 or more cups of coffee or tea in one day, this definitely occurs in our office!! What will you drink this out of…….Mugs are on people’s desks 365 days a year, why not have your brand on these mugs to continuously advertise your company to your customers and their friends. Your customers get something unique and personalised, and the best thing is that mugs have universal impact which makes [...]

Last call for 2014

Still got some budget left over? Lucky you! We have some suppliers anxious to boost their sales by  end of December. We have negotiated some really good deals in the past week. Talk to us now and let us see what we can do for you. Call  021 4345980 now. Great New Ideas for 2015 Let’s get to it. There is no better way to promote your brand than with a product that is useful, innovative and fantastic quality… Power Banks are for charging all your gadgets on the go. Which one suits your brand? We have [...]

Crackers and Mulled wine

Time flies and Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year……It’s one of those special occasions celebrated and equally enjoyed by all ages. In case you haven’t done so already……it is time to organize Christmas’s parties, Christmas gifts for your employees and branded Christmas products for your customers…..let us help!! Time is quickly running out so don’t waste another second and contact us now to get your order in the nick of time!! We have amazing festive ideas, sleighs full of branded products…to help you expose your brand this Christmas season. Why not surprise your employees [...]

Promotional Branded Winter Products!

Winter has arrived……wind, rain and that distinctive chilly bite in the air….…but fear not, we have amazing products for you to keep you snug and warm!!! Have you thought about giving your employees a winter gift in recognition of their hard work throughout the year……certain to leave a warm feeling. Or maybe you would like to do a winter marketing campaign for your customers? We can print your logo on any of our winter products which are sure to be worn by anyone that receives them, getting you maximum brand exposure while protecting your employees [...]

Halloween is coming…

Halloween is coming…..are you ready to enjoy the scariest night of the year? Zombie or Vampire? Both terrifyingly good :) Are you planning a Halloween party for your employees? Do you want some Halloween branded merchandise products to scare your customers? Hurry up, call us now and make your order to have your Halloween products on time… we have some great ideas to make you scream in terror…. We have amazing themed stress toys to help your customers manage the stress of the holiday….why not add your logo!!! We have tombstones, monsters, pumpkins, eyes… which [...]