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Get The Most From Your Promotional Products

Research shows that promotional merchandise is the advertising method of choice for many people today, especially amongst the millennial generation who are driving business change at a rapid rate. This means that getting your merchandise right is more important than ever before

Telling Stories Can Build Your Business

Storytelling is a powerful way to build your brand, and the products you associate with your business should reflect the voice you cultivate for it. Your customers and potential customers do not simply want a product but a connection with a company that has an ethos and a voice they like.

Why Brand Mission Matters

Brand mission is a major part of your business strategy, and getting it right makes the difference between loyal customers and potential customers who end up opting for your competitors. If your brand mission is clear, it can steer your business to success, so it's worth seeking out the expertise to make it happen.

New Year, New office, New ideas!

Well, it’s a brand new year and Connect Promotions has celebrated by moving to some smart new offices! Yes, the boxes are unpacked, the computers are connected, the tea is brewing and the phones are already buzzing in our brand new digs. Luckily we didn't have to move too far (only really round the corner from our former abode!) but we have lots of lovely space to accommodate our growing team of experts. Do please make a note of our new contact details at the bottom of this BLOG. This week our team have been [...]

Promotional Products and all that Jazz!

Every October bank holiday brings with it, a fantastic and jazzy musical festival. Can you guess it? That’s right! The Cork Guinness Jazz Festival!  Are you excited yet? Owh! You should be! Whether you are a jazz fan or not! This weekend always has an amazing atmosphere, with people travelling to Cork from all over the country to enjoy what the weekend has to offer. With live music in hotels and pubs all over Cork city and county this is an advertising opportunity not to be passed up on lightly. Take advantage of the buzz with [...]

Sophisticated Promotional Gifts

Do you need a gift that will both impress and reward the extremely sophisticated corporate executives? Or do you need a gift to reward and recognize the dedication of your hard working employees? Well look no further because here is a blog dedicated to classy up scale promotional products. First things first, let’s talk about photo frames. Did you know, that you can now get them in all different shapes, sizes and materials? For example you can choose from wooden ones and ebony ones, among others. These are stylish and chic and the perfect gift for [...]

GAA..reat Promotional Products

Last weekend was full of excitement and full of GAA matches. Being from the Rebel County myself I have to say how delighted I am with last Sundays hurling game Cork versus Kilkenny, what a thrilling game (and win) it was. It is that time of year again the GAA finals are getting closer and closer (can you feel the anticipation in the air?).  So this week’s blog is dedicated to the nations much loved and played sport (Owh yes! Hurling and Gaelic football). Promotional products are the perfect match (no pun intended) for GAA [...]

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Desktop Promotional Products.

I want everyone to take a moment and look around your desk. How many promotional products do you see? On my desk I currently have a coaster, a USB, a pen, post-its and a mouse mat. What do you have? Do you know the brand name that is on them? Desktop accessories are by far one of the most efficient and effective promotional products. We see them and use them every day. Cool, quirky and helpful items are going to be remembered and used, giving you fantastic value for money and brand exposure. Coasters really [...]

Promotional products for charities and fundraising

Using Promotional products is a brilliant way for charities and other non-profit organisations to raise awareness and generate interest in their cause. I’m sure you’ve seen the ribbons in aid of cancer research for example; the pink bows to promote breast cancer awareness. This is a prime example of how effective and efficient promotional products can be for charity organisations. Promotional products are fantastic for fundraising as you can sell the product with the funds going toward the cause in question. Generally the promotional product will have the charity’s details printed on it so you [...]

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Promotional Products for College and University Students

The summer is fast approaching us and so too is the Leaving cert. This means students in sixth class all over the country are busy filling in college application forms and attending college open days. Do you need ideas for creative  promotional products for colleges and university students? Then look no further. Goodie bags on the college open day are bound to be loved by the fresh-faced wide-eyed young students. They could be filled with anything from confectionary to pens and keyrings. When I was leaving school and checking out which colleges to go to [...]