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Getting back to business – 4 top tips to help employees return to work safely

All over the world companies are installing high screens around employees desks, providing hand sanitisation stands or offering more workspace to ensure a safer distance at work. Regardless of whether we like it or not, the future of the workplace is about to change forever.  Both small start-ups and larger corporations are currently making the necessary changes required to adapt to this new normal, but it must be carried out both safely and carefully to ensure employees feel safe.  If you are currently creating a strategy to help your team return to work in the [...]

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Easter Promotional Products Ideas

Easter is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to the customers and colleagues who make your business a success all year round. Our Easter promotional products are designed to delight your existing loyal customers, and can also be an excellent way to draw in prospective new customers and let your staff team know how much you value them.   Making the most of Easter as an opportunity to share promotional merchandise with the world is also a great way to connect with local media outlets, linking in with their social media channels and even [...]

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Connect Promotions in Top 10 Again!

The New Year is off to an exciting start here at Connect Promotions, as we have been listed in the top 10 of the Sourcing City Distributor Awards for the British Isles for the third year in a row. Our dedicated team works so hard to find the right solution for every client, and our success shows that we’re getting it right for you! Bob Gee, Owner and Director of Connect Promotions, was thrilled to receive the news, saying, We are delighted to be a top ten winner again, and would like to thank the [...]

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The Value and Impact of Promotional Products

Did you know that promotional marketing is one of the most important ways to spread your brand reach and raise the profile of your business? Many people think that promotional marketing is not an effective investment in our modern world, but the Global Ad Impressions Study, released by the Advertising Specialities Institute (ASI) each year, shows that promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising, and that consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products compared to internet advertising. Like any marketing strategy, promotional products can only [...]

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What Are The Most Popular Promotional Products?

If you have already seen our extensive catalogue of promotional products at Connect Promotions, you’ll understand that it can be overwhelming to select a range of promotional gifts that sends the right message about your company and your brand. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! We have more than twenty years of expertise in promotional merchandise, and we can help to make the process simple for you, working with you from the selection of your promotional products to the delivery of your branded items to you or to your [...]

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Why Choose Eco Friendly Promotional Products? [2019]

Promotional products are a highly effective form of advertising, and a key part of any marketing strategy, but getting your promotional products right is key. Giving out promotional products that your customers do not want or need is not a good association for your business, and paying attention to the latest trends in promotional products will help you to make choices that build your business and spread your brand reach. Climate change is big news, and more and more consumers are turning away from single use products and unsustainable items that are harmful to the [...]

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Promotional Merchandise: Environmental Impact and How To Go Eco

Did you know that the promotional merchandise industry is changing? As awareness of climate change increases and it is no longer possible to ignore this vital subject, consumers and businesses are adjusting their mindset and their purchasing decisions in favour of sustainable products. Here at Connect Promotions, we’re leading the way with an exciting range of products that can develop your business and spread your brand reach without compromising on the wellbeing of the planet.   Whether your priority is to create a product range that is reuseable, recyclable or made entirely from recycled items, [...]

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Promotional Merchandise: Current Trends and Future Tips

Promotional merchandise is an important strand of the marketing strategy for any business, and it can have a significant impact on your outcomes and your business development if done well. A recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) explored the way in which businesses choose and use their promotional merchandise, and identified the sort of promotional merchandise that engages the customers of today.   Here at Connect Promotions, we believe that every business deserves to get its promotional marketing right, and we pride ourselves on offering an excellent range of products that can [...]

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How Quality Branded Clothing Can Help Staff Retention

Branded uniforms and clothing can be highly effective tools for marketing and staff retention, and this has become an exciting and diverse way to grow your brand. Whether you are introducing new uniform ranges for your entire staff team or creating items for special occasion wear, we can help you to make it work for your business. Here at Connect Promotions, we have many years experience of working in partnership with businesses to create relevant and high quality ranges of promotional products. Branded garments are a large part of this, and they can be used [...]

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How To Overcome The Fears That Hold You Back

Is your business exactly where you want it to be? If you dream of greater success or of taking your company to the next level, it’s important to take a look at what is holding you back. Whatever your business, and whatever your long and short-term goals, you will face obstacles and frustrations that block your progress. This is not surprising, but many people are not aware that many of the obstacles that are holding them back are of their own making. Our own attitudes and behaviours are often the most restrictive factors in our [...]

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