Does your company use promotional products? Yes (good stuff, keep it up). Not only should you use them but it is important to get it right when choosing what gift or promotional item to roll with. At Connect Promotions we are always happy to help and make your life a tad easier. So here are some wonderfully helpful and practical tips to consider.

Who is your target market? This is crucial. It is important when selecting what sort of promotional products to use, that you know who you are targeting. Is it students? Employees? Children? Or  CEO’s? Each group of people have different interests and needs, so promotional products need to match these. (Pssst…. Please see some of our previous blogs for gift ideas for all the above target groups!).

Whichever product you chose, you need to ensure it promotes your company’s brand and values. For example, if you are big into helping the environment and being green then there is a wide range of eco-friendly products available.

It’s not always about quantity (yes you heard me!). Instead chose a quality product that is perfect for your target audience and will also promote your company’s values and identity.

Promotional products are a great way  to cut through advertising clutter. In this day and age, with all the ads we are exposed to, its time for marketing to get creative and a handy, quirky promotional gift is just the way to do it. It is a proven fact that promotional products raise awareness of your company AND over 87% of recipient’s said that they kept a promotional item for longer than 12 months. How’s that for value for money?!

Well, that’s all the tips for now from your local friendly promotional products team.  So good luck with your promotional campaigns and don’t be shy, give us a call! For more Information and Ideas check out our Facebook page or follow us on twitter.