Geeks beware – 2015 is a Christmas made for tech heads. In fact the tech heads here at Connect Pro are in their element eyeing up the super smooth leather tablet sleeves and numerous gadgets.

With so much choice on offer, we have decided to simplify (well, as much as you can simplify technology) to showcase some of the incredible technological items we can offer. All items can be purchased branded or branded.

Right *rubs hands with glee* – hot tech gifts here we come.

Horizon Sleeve

First up is the Horizon Tablet Sleeve.
Simply slip your prized possession snugly into this black padded polyester sleeve with blue lining. The padding will keep it safe and protected from the elements.

Or go up-market with sleek leather and a snap fastener!
Other sizes available.

PB-6000 Giga Charger

A charger wit4-port-travel-usb-hubh 6000 m/Ah and a dual output of 5V/2A, makes this a powerful companion.

The LED digital power indicator lets you know how much juice you have so you can promptly re-charge. Always a handy feature.

The USB swivel feature allows ease of movement when connecting.

Charge & Sync dock with audio Portsync-dock-iphone

What’s the most annoying thing about smart phones? That while on charge, you are left without your favourite play mate for a while.

However, with the ‘charge & sync dock’ you can listen to music and watch videos while docking with the AUX jack.




Touarm-strapch Screen (Phone) Arm Strap

A touch screen arm strap for your phone will transport you from mediocre cool to sub zero. It’s adjustable, has a Velcro closure and includes an ear bud cord hole at the bottom.

Available in black, red and blue.


USB Sticks (1 – 8GB)

The ever-useful USB stick comes in a range of styles, colours and storage sizes.

usb-basic usb-cap usb-trans

Select from the rotate translucent, metallic and standard to the Key and Flat USB sticks and from 1GB to 8GB storage.

Christmas Tablet Sleevesanta-sleeve

How could we not end this blog without a festive nod! The Christmas Tablet Sleeve is Ho Ho Ho horrifically cool. It will certainly cheer up the owner and all who see it. Branding can be added to the back.



Remember – we offer all items branded or unbranded.
If you would like to discuss our technology gifts, we would love to hear from you on 021 434 5980.