Now, I’ve nothing really against Miley Cyrus OK? I’ll just start off by making that very clear from the start… BUT….. sitting in the Connect Promotions office it seems that whatever radio station we tune into her ‘Wrecking ball’ song is being played over and over…. and over. Consequently, when trying to write this blog, she has continuously interrupted my thoughts with her constant warbling. So what am I to do? Having tried to concentrate my efforts in another direction I am hereby admitting defeat. So here are a few promotional items to assist you if you are also suffering from Miley Cyrus syndrome!

Ear phones are an obvious choice here (sorry Miley!), with their silicone insulation they can help block out unwanted tunes with something better(sorry again

Miley).They’ve become very popular of late and are so cute and neat in their little boxes. They have a great branding area and can be printed full colour so they’re ideal for any logo.

stress toy is another obvious choice (I’m writing these words as the song begins to play on the radio… again!) You can bounce, squeeze or even throw these at your colleagues to relieve your frustration (though we won’t take any responsibility if you get fired for that!) Stress toys have been massively popular since they first came on the market and every year we see them become available in more and more incarnations; from fish to boats, cows, carrots, rockets, toast, toilets, light bulbs or computer screens…. Actually I’d be surprised if you can think of something that ISN’T available!

Finally (and this one is for Miley herself) How about a portable padded seat? Great for this time of year if you’re going to be sitting outside… on cold surfaces perhaps… without adequate winter clothing (look- I’m a mother OK? and the sight of that young girl sitting on that wreaking ball just makes me A- shiver and B- want to wrap her in a nice woolly blanket and give her a good hot meal) The portable seat could be a great solution for protecting her little behind and come in a range of colours,they can come with or without handy little straps so you can wrap them up and take them with you from place to place. Not only perfect for Ms Cyrus but also for outdoor sporting events or activities this Autumn/Winter. Perhaps I should ring her production company… see if they’d be interested in taking one of each colour to go with her different outfits…?