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Connect Promotions Reach The Final Of The Cork Digital Marketing Awards.

The finalists of the 2021 Cork Digital Marketing Awards, run by Cork Chamber, were announced this week with Connect Promotions reaching the final in the category – Best Digital Marketing For The Greater Good.

We are thrilled to be named a finalist in this category for our online presence advocating Prevented Ocean Plastic and their range of sports bottles. Going forward we want to highlight the importance of eco-friendly products, and we are delighted to work with companies who are actively recycling plastic and preventing tonnes of plastic from entering our ocean.

We are looking forward to attending the virtual awards on Friday 1st of October and celebrating the online achievements of Cork businesses in 2021. In our category alone there are 7 other worthy nominees and we wish them all the best.

Thank you also to Cork Chamber for supporting and acknowledging all the hard work that is being put into digital marketing in Cork this year.

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Overview of our campaign.

As a company that champions environmentally friendly products and helps companies align their promotional merchandise with their corporate social responsibility, we knew we had to create a campaign centered around our offering of Prevented Ocean Plastic Bottles. Prevented Ocean Plastic is an organisation who collects discarded plastic from the coastlines of our world’s oceans, and recycles the plastic to make bottles and packaging. Therefore, preventing tonnes of plastic from being washed out to sea. We believe that these Prevented Ocean Plastic Bottles are the future of promotional merchandise and branded drinkware, and so we created a digital marketing campaign showcasing the story of Prevented Ocean Plastic and the benefits of using their bottles to the environment.

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