I want everyone to take a moment and look around your desk. How many promotional products do you see? On my desk I currently have a coaster, a USB, a pen, post-its and a mouse mat. What do you have? Do you know the brand name that is on them?

Desktop accessories are by far one of the most efficient and effective promotional products. We see them and use them every day. Cool, quirky and helpful items are going to be remembered and used, giving you fantastic value for money and brand exposure.

Coasters really are a wonderful promotional product, I know without mine, my desk would be covered in tea stains (nobody wants that kind of mess on their desk! Yuck!). They are available in a variety of materials from wood, to metal, leather to PVC. They can really be an eye catching item as they can be colourfully printed with your brand details and can be shaped to suit (for example you could have a house shaped coaster, cool I know!).

Another excellent product is the new, innovative and cute “Clippi” (even the name is sweet, don’t you think?).  Designed for solutions to desk top issues eg messy cables, the “Clippi” will hold them neatly in one place on your desk (goodbye chaos). This brilliant little product will keep desks organised and uncluttered (and your brand sits there on the desk permanently).  In the same brand new range as the ‘clippi’ we have the ‘stoppi’, ‘snappi’ and ‘dolli’ among others – all nifty little designs (with equally sweet names) and all with a tidy desktop in mind. These can be bubble dome branded which looks fantastic.

Of course there are also the tried and tested desktop promotional products like; mouse mats, note pads, pen pots, erasers, paperclips, pencil cases, pens, rulers and many, many more….

So why not give your customers a gift of a practical nature? Whether it’s something that is FAIL safe or items like the ‘clippi’ that are trending and are sure to attract the ‘likes’