Getting your promotional merchandise right means making it relevant and desirable to your customers, and increasing your leads through effective targeting. A logo gift set is a collection of promotional products that are connected to your brand and put together to create a unique and thoughtful gift. Here at Connect Promotions, we can help you to design a logo gift set that your staff team and customers will love!

Growing your brand identity with personalised promotional products offers you the opportunity to target campaigns and build an attractive gift that suits your budget and your outlook. We have the warehousing and logistics to prepare and package your sets, and will help you to plan the branding and packaging to tie it all together.

 How to use Logo Gift Sets as Promotional Merchandise

 Whether you’re targeting key accounts or rewarding staff, you can use the following suggestions to reinforce the impact of your branded merchandise with a logo gift set:

  1.  Choose the right gifts. When you’re collating promotional items to develop a logo gift set, it’s important to get it right. Working with a partner who knows the promotional product industry can be a great way to maximise the impact of your selection and boost your brand image effectively.
  2. Select the right occasions. Logo gifts sets are perceived as a high value gift that is ideal in many situations. You can use these sets as thank you gifts, event giveaways, to reward client loyalty, to boost your company image for new and existing customers, to reward employees or celebrate company success, or to welcome new members of your team.
  3. Start with your budget. As with any marketing scheme, you should determine your budget and intended audience before you begin to plan your logo gift set. Don’t forget that you’ll need to include packaging and shipping costs as well as the cost of having gift sets put together. Talk to us to make the most of your spending power and create something that stands out from what other businesses are doing, and we can handle all the details for you.
  4. Set your standard. It can be fun to put together a selection of products that relates to your brand, and you can choose from a range of lower cost promotional products or complement these with high end gifts. The way gifts are packaged and presented will add a great deal of value and ensure that your recipients are impressed.
  5. Plan for success. You can buy ready-made gift sets to simplify the process of gifting, but if you plan to create something special and personal, you’ll want to develop your own. Working with us means you can have logo gift sets delivered to you or to your event ready to present, freeing up your time for other projects.

 Let Connect Promotions Take Care Of The Details

Here at Connect Promotions, we can handle all the details from strategising to delivery, and streamline your working process. You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out what we can do for you, or contact us online to discuss your needs.