Sourcing products from all over the world allows us at Connect Promotions to create an extensive catalogue of promotional merchandise that can make your business stand out from the crowd. Letting us take the strain for you can enable you to get on with other tasks and relax in the knowledge that you’ll receive a top quality service.


We source from Asia and Europe, so we can meet demand for top quality design, product availability and variety, and we’ve ensured that our suppliers are reliable and offer uncompromising excellence. Our thorough process ensures that we do not have to risk letting our clients down with unexpected delays or substandard items, and we keep abreast of potential problems with Far East sourcing in particular.


Here’s How We Address Potential Sourcing Problems

  • Ethical compliance. Sourcing from the Far East can present ethical compliance issues, and there have been some issues with clothing and toys in this area. We uphold our commitment to ethical business, and work hard to ensure that our suppliers do not compromise this position.


  • Manufacturing quality. We pride ourselves on sourcing high quality products, so a team of reliable manufacturers is essential. Some suppliers in the Far East have experienced problems here, with a high percentage of textiles and home appliances being rejected for falling below target specifications, so we are especially careful when we source products in these categories.


  • Health and safety. Health and safety is the most important aspect of any product that will be used by the public, and scrupulous records here are vital. Efficient testing and regulations that are enforced rigidly are crucial to maintaining quality and reliability for all products.


  • Engagement with regulations. Every aspect of product manufacture and supply is scrutinized by the regulations that set out acceptable standards for every industry. Suppliers in Asia are assessed on working hours and wages as well as product integrity and safety. These regulations protect workers, businesses and customers, and responsible businesses work hard to engage with this process.


Sourcing the best products for our clients means we have a versatile approach to our suppliers and won’t compromise on quality and standards. You can trust us to deliver excellent options in every area, and relax in the knowledge that we value an ethical and responsible approach.


Let Connect Promotions Help

Whether you have a clear idea of how you would like to use promotional gifts in your marketing or not, we can help you to strategize, plan and create an excellent range of merchandising. Promotional gifts are a highly successful way to promote your business, and we are on hand to ensure that you can make the most of this opportunity.

You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out what we can do for you, or contact us online to discuss your needs.