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8 Products Your Brand Needs To Be Festival Ready

Is Your Brand Festival Ready?

Summer is here and you know what that means. It is officially festival season. There is no better opportunity to showcase your company and gain brand awareness than at a festival. This year, in particular, is set to be the year of the festival, as restrictions are completely lifted and festival-goers are eager to make up for lost time. Whether it is a celebration of music, food, literary, or the arts, there is sure to be a local or national festival to get your brand noticed.

Why invest in festival merchandise?

  1. Raise Brand Awareness – The number one reason to invest in festival merchandise is to maximise your brand reach and engagement. With such a huge audience of potential clients in one place at one time, getting your brand out there is an opportunity not to be missed!
  2. Have Merch To Sell – Once you’ve introduced people to your brand, there is a clear opportunity to sell merchandise with either your logo, the festival’s logo, or both to people who want a souvenir of their day out.
  3. To Be Somebody’s Lifesaver – How many times have you been at a festival when you suddenly need a rain poncho, hand sanitiser, a first aid kit, or even a charger for your phone? This is how your brand can be lifesavers and position your company as a helpful, reliable brand.
  4. Everyone Loves A Freebie – Having a souvenir from a festival is a great way to remember the great memories that were made. Many souvenirs become collectable and are bought year after year.  Think small items like wristbands, badges, keyrings and magnets, there are so many giveaway merchandise options to choose from.


Here at Connect Promotions, we are committed to providing you with the most innovative products to grow your community and show your brand in the best light. Here are 8 products we love to ensure that your company is festival ready.


     1. Rain Poncho

Rain Poncho-products to make your brand festival ready
The Rain Poncho – Connect Promotions

The Rain Poncho is essential for unexpected downpours. The conveniently compact container clips onto a key ring fit in a small pocket and is a great addition to any bag or tumbler.

    2. Sunglasses

Sunglasses-products to make your brand festival ready
Sunglasses – Connect Promotions

Now that we’ve talked about rain, what if the sun is splitting the stones? Sunglasses can be a fun item to giveaway at your stand. These Sun Ray retro design sunglasses have white temples for large decoration options.

       3. Drink Tumbler

Drink Tumble- Products to make your brand Festival ready
Drink Tumbler – Connect Promotions

These Drink Tumblers are essential at a festival. The single wall beverage holder with snap-on lid and matching straw, has a volume capacity of 580 ml. While the spherical double-wall insulated tumbler with straw, has a volume capacity of 450 ml.

       4. Drawstring Bag

Cooler Bag-products to make your brand festival ready
Cooler bag – Connect Promotions

A drawstring cooler bag with string closure is a great product to give out at festivals as it is practical. Features an open front pocket. Fits 12 cans up to 5 kg weight.

      5. Wristband

Writband-products to make your brand festival ready
Full-colour decorative Wristbands – Connect Promotions

Are you even at a festival if you don’t get a wristband? There are 2 types available; a recycled PET festival bracelet with removable metal closure or a silicone wristband. Includes full-colour decoration on both sides.

       6. Festival Kit

Festival Kit-products to make your brand festival ready
Personalized Festival KitConnect Promotions

This is the ideal travel set for festivals and contains all the things needed for an overnight stay at a festival or party. The size of this kit allows you to easily store it in your bag or pocket. Contents: 1 toothbrush, 1 toothpaste, 1 earplug, 1 antibacterial gel, 5 wash-proof plasters, and 1 condom.

         7. Power bank

Powerbank-products to make your brand festival ready
Span Power bank Connect Promotions

There will be a huge amount of people who need a charge for their phones. This is a great opportunity to present them with Powerbanks. This power bank with a 1,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, provides power to charge smartphones, MP3 players and many other devices. It also features a key ring for easy carrying. Includes a USB to Micro USB charging cable.

         8. Whistle

Whistle- products to make your brabd Festival ready
Classic WhistleConnect Promotions

Well, this is a fun giveaway product. Take a look at this whistle with a classic design in a wide range of bright colours with a matching neck strap. 

All these products are easily branded, fun, reusable and cost-effective ensuring your brand is in the spotlight at the next big festival. Talk to one of our experts today about your company’s festival merchandise goals.

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