GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is a new EU regulation that enforces standardised data privacy laws in businesses across Europe. It aims to protect data privacy for all EU citizens, and businesses that do not comply with new laws by 25th May 2018 can be fined up to 20 Million Euros, or 4% of their annual global turnover.

When you want to be taken seriously as a business at the forefront of your industry, it’s vital to comply with legislation such as this. If you’re not clear on exactly how these legislative changes will affect you, it can be helpful to work with partners who understand them. Here at Connect Promotions, we are committed to GDPR and can help to make it work for you.


What Effect Will GDPR Have?

GDPR serves to protect consumers and provide a solution to the fast developing world of online advertising. It is all about greater transparency, and making your intentions and policies much clearer for your website users. If your business tracks, holds or uses data of EU residents, GDPR applies to you.

GDPR is complex, and it is important to ensure that your business complies with all sections, but the most significant changes for most businesses that use digital marketing and PPC advertising include:

  1. New consumer rights to data portability and to be forgotten,
  2. New data keeping requirements,
  3. Personal data can now only be used with the express consent of the consumer.

Crucially, personal data has been re-categorised to include anything that links to identity. This includes payment information and email addresses, but also  includes cookies, IP addresses, device IDs and location data, all of which are now classified as personal data.

How To Comply With GDPR Laws

 Changes in the following areas will become important:

  • It is vital that any cookie data you collect is managed with complete transparency, giving your users the chance to opt out.
  • Mailing lists and lead generation. Consumer choice is the goal here, so measures such as including an opt in checkbox in forms or emails will satisfy requirements and could also improve the quality of your data.
  • Data management and data security. Databases should be subject to high levels of security, with regular updating, and any breaches must be reported to appropriate parties immediately.

The effects these changes will have on businesses could be profound, with data pools becoming smaller but potentially more useful. Advertising is likely to become more expensive, but strategic thinking could make this more effective than ever. In the future, these changes may have a dramatic effect on the ways in which we all grow our businesses, but for now, we’re working to develop a clear direction to incorporate GDPR.


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