Halloween is coming…..are you ready to enjoy the scariest night of the year? Zombie or Vampire? Both terrifyingly good 🙂

Are you planning a Halloween party for your employees? Do you want some Halloween branded merchandise products to scare your customers? Hurry up, call us now and make your order to have your Halloween products on time… we have some great ideas to make you scream in terror….

We have amazing themed stress toys to help your customers manage the stress of the holiday….why not add your logo!!! We have tombstones, monsters, pumpkins, eyes… which one would you prefer your logo on?

Looking for Treats? What do you think of these sweets, yes they are sweets!!! Hideous on the outside but very tasty inside. Our favourites are lollypops, chocolates, and the delicious Haribo jellies…..We’re gone bat crazy with ideas…..bats jellies, bat lollypops, chocolate eyes balls, chocolate fingers,  devil’s jellies, chocolate pumpkins, spiders, skeletons, vampires……exorcise the child in you….pick your favourites and we will do the rest……in peace!!!

Get your orders in now to be on time for the Witching season.