Powerpoint is a useful tool but relying on it to deliver your presentation for you can only go wrong. When you’re making a presentation of any kind, your most important consideration should be making a connection with your audience, and this should be your focus.

Many presenters make simple mistakes that can cost them audience engagement and render their efforts useless. If you want to avoid common pitfalls, read on for our tips on improving powerpoint presentations. Here at Connect Promotions, we understand that customer connection is essential, and we can work with you to create the best outcomes.

Tips For Creating An Outstanding Presentation

  1. Take control of your material. It can be easy to let your interest – or lack of interest – in your subject overwhelm you when you are preparing a presentation. Many presenters create a powerpoint filled with fascinating facts and figures and see themselves as merely a facilitator while the powerpoint does the work. Instead of expecting your audience to read and listen at the same time, keep slides minimal and use them only as tools to support the presentation you give.
  2. Make it matter. It isn’t a problem if you don’t know your presentation by heart, as long as you convince your audience that your subject matters. Connecting with your audience is your priority, and if you care about your subject, this will help them to buy into what you are saying. Find a hook that interests you, and use your time to show your audience why they should be interested, too.
  3. Don’t underestimate your audience. If you lose the interest or respect of your audience, your presentation will not succeed. Poor presenters often read aloud from powerpoint slides, and some even follow the text with a laser pointer. This is insulting to the intelligence of your audience and is unlikely to create positive outcomes. Take the initiative and challenge expectations, offering your audience something new.
  4. Reinforce your message. Many presentations are easy to forget, and this means that they are pointless in terms of generating sales or interest in a business. The use of promotional products to reinforce your message gives you a much better chance of being remembered and appreciated, and using the right products gives you another opportunity to build your brand identity and make connections.

Promotional Merchandise Builds Brand Awareness

Do your promotional products create the best outcomes for your business? If the answer is no, working with Connect Promotions could help you to harness the power of promotional merchandise. This is a very important way to build brand awareness, and research tells us that it is the most effective way to engage with Millennials.

We source the best products from our reliable suppliers and deliver them to you or to your corporate events worldwide. We can help you to develop ideas and strategies, or collate gift bags and deliver these to your venue. You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out more about working in partnership, or contact us online to discuss your needs.