Incentive schemes are everywhere aren’t they? Whether is loyalty or stamp cards for a free coffee or newsletters full of rewards and ‘buy one get one free’ offers. Programmes like these are everywhere and not surprising really since they are essential for enticing new customers or retaining old ones. After all, everyone likes to be acknowledged for being a good customer right?

Here at Connect Promotions we think that the most successful incentive programs are ones that offer items related to your business somehow, our customers in the auto trade love ice scrapers or sun shades (depending on the season) this is a great example of fostering a connection between the customer, the item and the company long after your customer has driven away.

How about stress balls for yoga centres or drawstring bags for leisure centres and gyms to help out with those wet towels and togs.  What about money boxes for credit unions and banks or tape measures for auctioneers? There areendless possibilities in terms of what’s available but in order for your incentive scheme to be really successful your offer will need to stand out from the crowd. Our experienced team have a tried and tested record when it comes to finding the right solution for you, whatever your business or promotion.

So why not say ‘Thanks’ to your old customers and ‘Welcome’ to your new ones with a great promotional gift?