Here at Connect Promotions, we have seen our strongest growth throughout 2017/2018 coming from a variety of retention, reward and recognition schemes. We can help you to implement these across your business, making the most of your talent and improving your staff retention figures. Our aim is to reduce your workload and help you to streamline the way you do business, so talk to us to see how we can help you.

Improving Staff Retention In Your Business

A staff retention strategy is an investment well worth making, especially when you consider hiring and training costs to recruit new staff. The following elements can all form part of a staff retention strategy, ensuring that you keep your best people on board.

1. Seek out the best people. Recruiting the best talent will ensure that you have a great team, and you should be tracking your retention figures and employee satisfaction. Find out if the staff you have invested in are happy with your compensation and benefits programmes, and whether they are satisfied with the training opportunities and management they are offered.

2. Evaluate performance effectively. A watertight strategy for evaluating the performance of all employees is essential, allowing you to develop a good reward and recognition programme. Effective feedback is very important to employees and team members at every level of an organisation. Rewards and incentives are proven to increase staff engagement and promote productivity in the workplace.

3. Promote communication skills. Communication is critical throughout every level of a business, and effective management relies upon great communication skills. Invest in this area to promote continuing development, and be aware that great managers are vital when you want to keep good staff!

4. Offer clear career development. Talented employees will not remain motivated and engaged if they are not offered a clear pathway of progression. Ensure you have a positive programme of continuing staff development, enabling employees to develop their skills and experience level throughout their careers.

5. Value your staff. Employees who are offered flexible working hours and the ability to work from home, amongst other benefits, are proven to be more committed and to work harder than their counterparts who do not have these opportunities. Investing in the wellbeing and happiness of your staff team will improve their productivity and promote your business as a caring and positive employer.

Promote Staff Retention With Promotional Products

We can work with you to create the best promotional merchandising plan for your business, and we will handle all the details from the ideas stage to delivery to help reduce your workload. We build positive relationships with our clients to ensure that they return to us again and again, and working with us assures you of a great outcome every time. You can call us on 021 4345980, or contact us online to discuss your needs.