Everything is Awesome if you are a Lego  block.  A Toy can’t do something wrong. This is the message of the movie that is causing worldwide reaction.

I’m talking about The Lego Movie, a really funny movie you have to see.

The movie has been such a success that not one but two Lego spinoff movies are already in the works. This movie is set in the universe of colourful toy blocks, is dominating in cinemas and led attendance for the third consecutive weekend.

But it’s not only the Lego movie is fashionable at this time. More and more companies use the methology “Lego Serious Play”. Until some time ago, the famous multi-colored Lego bricks were just for kids. Today, they are becoming part of a new method for executives and entrepreneurs to develop their potential and their teams. The Lego Serious Play method is a methodology to facilitate reflection, communication and problem solving. they can be used by organizations, teams and individuals in general.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you could not stop playing with building the LEGO blocks? All this new Lego fever makes me remember those good times playing with my Lego. But why should we stop t playing now that we aren’t those kids anymore? What do you feel if I tell you that there is a way to bring these  Lego bricks to your office?

Well, there’s a way… with “The Office of Lego” sets.

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