We’re looking at the year ahead and making plans to deliver the very best for our clients and their marketing strategies. Promotional merchandise is a vital consideration for marketing professionals, and working with us can streamline your marketing and create a dynamic way to reach new audiences. Here are the top trends that look set to make a difference this year.

Tips For The Top Trends In Marketing This Year

1. Content is key. What sort of content are you putting out there? The content that you disseminate to your audience says a lot about your brand, and excellent content can really make all the difference to the success of your marketing strategy. Content that is relevant, engaging and entertaining tops the popularity charts, attracting new interest and transforming potential customers into conversions. If you get your content right, you’ll create a loyal and ever-growing audience, and research suggests that, in the world of content, variety is the spice of life. If you’ve always stuck to one or two types of content, branch out this year and experiment with video, blogging, podcasting or producing infographics, and keep an eye on those analytics to see how each type performs for you.

2. Promotional Merchandise has a big impact. Promotional merchandise is a crucial element of your marketing strategy and is topping the charts with researchers who are asking what matters to Millennials. This is a generation that has revolutionised every aspect of business and marketing, and they have made it clear that getting it right with your promotional merchandise can make an enormous difference to their spending habits and their brand loyalty. Our experience and understanding of this approach to marketing enables us to take the pressure off you, and to work with you to create the perfect way to use promotional marketing in your business.

3. Video is the new black. The central role of video in marketing strategy has been cemented by recent research that shows it is streets ahead of other marketing platforms. There are many ways to use video marketing, and you can begin by making your own promotional video or by working with a professional team. Video content offers a great way to connect with your audience, increasing SEO and improving your ranking with search engines, so challenge yourself to consider using video as part of your content marketing strategy this year. Of course, the merchandise you depend upon can be an important part of your video content, so let us take care of the details and ensure you’re a step ahead of the competition.

4. Distribution matters. Of course, however good your content is, it will only have a positive effect on your business if it is seen by the right audience. If you’re only sharing your content via your mailing list, it’s time to step it up and expand your reach. Try contacting influential names in your industry and working collaboratively, which can automatically develop your audience as they share your combined content. Content communities, such as LinkedIn and Inbound are also useful for sharing your content effectively, and you may be able to get more mileage from your existing content by experimenting with presenting it in a different format. Use your imagination to spread your content as widely as you can, targeting your demographic or using analytics to try new approaches this year.

Make Promotional Merchandise Work For You

If you want to realise the power of promotional products for your business, working with Connect Promotions is an ideal way to begin. We source the best products from reliable suppliers and deliver them to you or to your corporate events worldwide. We can help you to develop ideas and strategies, or collate your products into gift bags and deliver these to the venue of your choice. You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out more about working in partnership, or contact us online to discuss your needs.