Aligning your business with a brand that offers quality and class is a great way to set yourself ahead of your competitors, and our partnership with Moleskine allows you to do just that. Moleskine offers the type of integrity and professionalism that only elite brands can evoke, and you can identify yourself with the best when you connect your business with these exclusive products.Moleskine Classic Large Notebook - Hard Cover

Moleskine objects include notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, all of which are integral to our mobile identity. These nomadic objects travel with us everywhere we go, and identify us wherever we are in the world. Moleskine has become the perfect partner for the creative and imaginative professions of our time, representing a symbol of contemporary nomadism in our modern world.

The Story Of The Legendary Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine is a classic brand that is the successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers for the past two centuries, including Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso and Ernest Hemingway. A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder, and an internal expandable pocket, the Moleskine notebook is instantly recognisable for its simplicity and quality. Produced for over a century by a small French bookbinder, who supplied the stationery shops of Paris, the Moleskine notebook became invaluable to the artistic and literary avant-garde of the world, who prized it for its spare perfection.

In the mid 1980s, Moleskine notebooks became increasingly difficult to acquire, before vanishing entirely. Bruce Chatwin, English travel writer, novelist and journalist, prized these notebooks and bought up all that he could find before he travelled to Australia in the 1986, lamenting their scarcity. He wrote the story of the elusive notebook in his book, The Songlines, and the legendary black notebook was immortalised as the perfect place to record ideas, feelings and inspirations.

In 1997, a small Milanese publisher reintroduced the Moleskine notebook to the world, reviving an extraordinary tradition named after the literary legends who used it to capture their ideas and feelings for so many years. Today, professionals often rely on technology to create their works, but the little black notebook remains an essential part of the process. This is a truly special item, and makes the perfect promotional gift for anyone in the creative or technical industries. 

Represent Your Brand With Moleskine

Here at Connect Promotions, we offer unique opportunities to represent your brand and say something about your integrity and the quality you offer. Our elite brand partners are selected with care, so that your business can choose promotional gifts that are a great fit for your brand. The Moleskine brand is synonymous with culture, travel, memory, imagination and personal identity, and the gifts we source are ideally partnered with professions to which these values are central.

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