If you have already seen our extensive catalogue of promotional products at Connect Promotions, you’ll understand that it can be overwhelming to select a range of promotional gifts that sends the right message about your company and your brand. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! We have more than twenty years of expertise in promotional merchandise, and we can help to make the process simple for you, working with you from the selection of your promotional products to the delivery of your branded items to you or to your recipients worldwide.

Promotional marketing is a key part of your marketing strategy, and it is proven to be highly effective in engaging new and existing clients. However, it is only successful when you choose the products that your clients want, and it is extremely important to consider the most popular promotional products carefully while you are making your promotional marketing decisions.

What Do Consumers Want From Promotional Products?

The promotional marketing industry can appear complex, but there are many trends and patterns in the research carried out by marketers, and these show the factors that are consistently important here. For example, consumers consistently report that they value promotional products that are practical, so that they can be used many times and fulfil a need. This is very important when you make decisions about what to offer within your promotional gift range, whether you are choosing gifts for employee reward programmes or for a trade show. Whether you are looking for a low cost promotional product or a high end corporate gift, we can help you to make choices that will work for your business and spread your brand reach.

Ensuring that products are environmentally friendly is also very important to modern consumers, and this is a key factor to consider when you are making your choices. We have an excellent range of sustainable and eco friendly promotional products, so you can show the world that you are a caring and thoughtful business, and that you are aligned with the values of your client base.

The Most Popular Promotional Products:

Promotional products must be visible to as wide an audience as possible in order to make a big impact with your brand or campaign. A product that will be used repeatedly, consistently sharing your logo and message with the world, is the ideal choice for your promotional gifts.

The most popular promotional products at present include:

  • Promotional Bags. Promotional bags are an excellent example of a promotional gift that has an extensive reach, particularly the tote bag, which can be used again and again. Whether you are aiming to create a tote bag that can be distributed at a trade show or during a new campaign, or your bag is designed to be gifted with products bought by your clients, we can help you to design and brand the perfect bag for your business. A tote bag offers great branding opportunities, with plenty of surface area for your campaign or message and your logo, and because your bags are likely to be used in public places, they will provide much more visibility for your business than most other promotional product options.

  • Promotional Pens. The promotional pen may be the promotional gift that springs to mind when you consider traditional promotional marketing, but this does not mean it is a bad choice. Writing implements are used by almost every one of us, every day of our lives, and they are a popular and durable product that is very cost effective. Promotional pens are a low cost option, but this does not mean that they are a cheap looking gift. We have plenty of pens that are high in quality, including top of the range items such as personalised fountain pens, which are ideal as corporate gifts. Even our budget items are durable and appealing, however, because we are committed to providing you with products that reflect well on your business and demonstrate the professionalism of your organisation.


  • Promotional Water Bottles. Consumers have quickly changed their behaviour in regard to single use plastic water bottles, and most people now own and use at least one re-usable water bottle. Creating a water bottle that catches the attention of your audience is an excellent way to spread the word about your business and reinforce your image as a company that cares. Re-usable water bottles can be used multiple times per week, giving opportunities for many brand exposures to a wider audience, and they are a long lasting and durable option. Promotional water bottles also provide a large surface area for branding, and we will work with you to create a design that speaks volumes about your business.

Ashland Water Bottle

  • Promotional Travel Mugs. Many people travel during their working week, and most professionals spend a great deal of time on the go. Travel mugs are an excellent promotional gift that is genuinely useful to the audience you want to reach, and your brand will soon become associated with the brief moments of relaxation during a busy day! This is a great choice as a promotional gift because it is both practical and durable, and it appeals to those who are keen to make environmentally friendly choices, too. Work with us to create a travel promotional mug that is branded with your logo and your message or latest campaign, and give your clients and potential clients a promotional gift that they will really value.

  • Promotional Technology Products. Professionals in all industries use technology based products on a daily basis, and items such as promotional power banks are great choices here. Almost every one of your clients and potential clients will be using a smartphone in their daily life, so a promotional gift that is useful and relevant to them is likely to get you noticed. In a recent survey of promotional product use in the USA, 87% of consumers reported that they would keep a promotional power bank if offered one, because this is a useful gift. If you want to create a promotional product that will be used repeatedly and will align your brand with making cutting edge technology accessible, a power bank could be the perfect choice.

  • Desk Accessories. Designing your promotional products to suit your intended market is an excellent policy, and if you are aiming to grow your brand amongst professionals who work in an office environment, desk accessories are a great choice. Branded desk accessories can provide a high number of exposures to potential clients, both in the office and visiting, and promotional desk accessories are generally a durable choice that will be kept in circulation for many months. We can help you to design a range of promotional desk accessories that will spread your business message or campaign, making your logo a recognisable part of many office environments.


Find The Best Promotional Products For Your Business

We work with suppliers across the world to ensure that you have a great selection of high quality promotional products to choose from, and we can work with you through every step of the process to help you select the perfect gifts, get your branding right and distribute your products effectively.

Talk to us at Connect Promotions to find out how we can partner with you, whatever your promotional requirements, to identify the perfect promotional gifts to complement your business. Wherever you are based in Ireland, including Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Galway and Waterford, we can help you to find exactly what you need to develop your brand and get your marketing strategy right.