So, at the start of the year the Connect Pro scouts have been out and about visiting the far flung corners of the promotional world on the lookout for some new and exciting hot products for 2014.

silicon lightFrankly there were so many to choose from that if we wrote about them all we’d be here all day! So here is our pick of the best…

2014 looks bright, in more ways than one, with lots of torch lit items making an appearance. Check out these funky little silicon lights for attaching to … well… anything!… from Bike handles to dog collars! Very handy.

There’s also this extra-large mug available with a whopping capacity of 495ml available with a full colour transfer print for those who need a little more caffeine in the morning to get their engine going!

Double Canopy umbrellaOn top of all of this is the rather timely appearance of these double canopy umbrellas, available in a range of 30 gorgeous stock colours and a number of styles and panel combinations. Perhaps we could have done with these umbrellas last week for our Irish monsoon!

On the banks of our own lovely Lee!