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8 Products Your Brand Needs To Be Festival Ready

Summer is here and you know what that means. It is officially festival season. There is no better opportunity to showcase your company and gain brand awareness than at a festival. This year, in particular, is set to be the year of the festival, as restrictions are completely lifted and festival-goers are eager to make up for lost time. Whether it is a celebration of music, food, literary, or the arts, there is sure to be a local or national festival to get your brand noticed. Why invest in festival merchandise? Raise Brand Awareness - [...]

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How Focusing On Workplace Wellbeing Keeps Your Employees Motivated

Do you want to form a team with a healthy and harmonious environment to be more efficient? A motivated workforce is the most effective way of achieving your business goals. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that employees of an organization are in the best condition, physically, mentally and emotionally. And just like any other resource available must be cared for and well maintained for a good performance. This concept is known as workplace wellbeing. Employee wellbeing in an organization can be improved either through a programme or plan. With the aim of reaffirming the [...]

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Why Companies Are Boosting Employee Perks

Why Companies Are Boosting Employee Perks Answering to what is being called "The Great Resignation", companies across every industry are investing in offering employee perks, gifts and benefits to their employees as a means of retaining and attracting key staff. A central focus within this is the reward and recognition programmes that we see making such a difference for the businesses we work with. Here at Connect Promotions, our mission is to make your working life easier, and we know that a talented and dependable team can make all the difference. Recruiting the very best staff [...]

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5 Promotional Marketing Trends For 2022

Promotional merchandise is an exciting industry to work within at the moment, since the emerging promotional marketing trends are so diverse and inspiring. Far from the generic and limited options in previous years, clients can now choose from a huge range of products and designs for their promotional merchandise, and can personalise products to reinforce brand identity and demonstrate high quality. Here are the Top 5 Promotional Marketing Trends we see being big in 2022. Sustainability Climate change is one of the biggest issues facing the world today, and studies show that consumers are willing [...]

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How to build the perfect Onboarding Pack in 2022.

Onboarding new employees is an important part of the hiring process which is why making a great first impression is so important. Over the past number of years, we have seen an ongoing trend arise among new hires receiving generous welcome packs upon their arrival to a new company. This has now become a corporate tradition and allows new employees to get a general sense of the vibe at their new workplace. It also ensures they feel appreciated and welcome from day one. Connect Promotions supplies promotional merchandise to companies and businesses from all types [...]

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5 Best Promotional Product Trends For 2022 In Ireland

It’s time to plan your marketing strategy for the year ahead, and if you want to be ahead of the competition, you’ll be thinking about the promotional product trends that will be hot in 2022. Here’s our rundown on the must-have promotional products that will help you to stand out from the crowd, so that you can be a brand leader this year. Practical products and those with eco credentials are topping the list this year, and premium brand promotional products are more popular than ever. You won’t see a branded pen on this list, [...]

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8 Unusual Promotional Products To Make Your Customers Smile

The joy of working in the promotional merchandise industry is that we have seen some very unusual promotional products over the years. That being said some items that were always considered too out there to be taken seriously are now regular players in our product collections. If you’re looking for a way to stand out from your competitors, look no further! We have wacky promotional products to add to your next marketing campaign that is sure to put a smile on your customer’s face. From fully bespoke stress characters to fun Rubik’s cubes and novelty [...]

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The Smart Way To Spend Your Leftover Marketing Budget.

As we approach the end of 2021, you might be wondering how to effectively invest your remaining marketing budget. With the absence of events and largescale inperson marketing campaigns at a minimum, no doubt you are looking to different avenues to spend what is left in the 2021 marketing kitty. Well, look no further! Promotional Merchandise is a cost-effective method of promotional marketing and it will never go out of style. Instead on wasting your precious budget on paid online ads which could shut down at any minute, or column inches which are very hard [...]

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Christmas Shopping Is Starting Early. Gifts Are In High Demand.

What do big retail brands like Marks & Spencer, Smyths Toys and Tesco have in common with us here at Connect promotions? We are all battling unavoidable elements to ensure a regular Christmas Shopping experience and get your orders to you in time for Christmas. Ordinarily, the Christmas shopping rush would run well into the middle of December for us, and even up until Christmas eve in the physical retail stores. Unfortunately, this will not be the case in 2021. This year, due to longer lead times, production & delivery delays, and the results of [...]

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Top 10 Gifts For Tech Savvy Employees This Xmas.

Christmas is just around the corner and I bet you are trying your hardest to come up with a unique but practical item to gift your employees. That’s where branded gadgets come in. No matter what their interests are, you can be sure there’s a product that is perfectly tailored to them. We can almost guarantee no one will scoff when gifted a pair of high-quality headphones, a branded smartwatch or new accessories for their smartphone. At Connect Promotions we don’t just source the finest, most up to date gadgets, we also cater for all [...]

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