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How To Switch To Eco-Friendly Promotional Products With Ease

In order to protect the world around us, the promotional merchandise industry is aiming to be as sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. Consumers and businesses are also adjusting their mindset around this vital subject, and so purchasing decisions will reflect this new brand ethos and responsibility. If you frequently buy promotional products for your business or to give away at events, you will be aware of the impact that can have on the environment. But what if you could find sustainable alternatives that don’t scrimp on quality whilst also highlighting your company’s values? [...]

5 Essential Promotional Items For Any Sports Club

Keep an eye on your branding goals this year with our vast range of promotional sports items. It is that time of year again when the GAA championship is looming. Not to mention the many rugby and soccer leagues happening all around the country. So whether you’re looking to re-brand your sports club or your company is looking to sponsor your local team, promotional products are the perfect match (no pun intended) for your local team and promotional campaign. In this post we will outline the 5 essential branded items you need to promote [...]

7 Amazing Premium Brands For Promotional Outdoor Clothing

When you are sourcing promotional clothing for your staff team or for your loyal customers, you know that it’s very important to get it right. On-point branding and attention to detail will mean the difference between items that are worn on a daily basis and those that never get a second wearing. Here at Connect Promotions, we know what works and what doesn’t, especially in typical Irish weather! We will ensure that your promotional outdoor clothing always makes the right impact. Our research shows that high-quality promotional clothing is a great way to grow [...]

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These Are The 5 Promotional Products You Need For Summer 2021!

Ok we get it! This last year has been tough and it feels like we have been in lockdown for 100 years. But there is a glimmer of hope – Summer 2021. While the weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, we want you and your team to be fully equipped to spend your summer outdoors. Think about it! Your brand champions will be spending all their free time outdoors this summer; at the beach, hiking and exploring in the countryside, having BBQs in the back garden. The promotional products below are not [...]

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Why Choose Eco Friendly Promotional Products in 2021?

Promotional products are a highly effective form of advertising, and a key part of any marketing strategy, but getting your promotional products right is key. Giving out promotional products that your customers do not want or need is not a good association for your business, and paying attention to the latest trends in promotional products will help you to make choices that build your business and spread your brand reach. Climate change is big news, and more and more consumers are turning away from single use products and unsustainable items that are harmful to the [...]

How to build the perfect onboarding pack for new hires

Onboarding new employees is an important part of the hiring process which is why making a great first impression is so important. Over the past number of years, we have seen an ongoing trend arise among new hires receiving generous welcome packs upon their arrival to a new company. This has now become a corporate tradition and allows new employees to get a general sense of the vibe at their new workplace. It also ensures they feel appreciated and welcome from day one. Connect Promotions supplies promotional merchandise to companies and businesses from all types [...]

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Getting back to business – 4 top tips to help employees return to work safely

All over the world companies are installing high screens around employees desks, providing hand sanitisation stands or offering more workspace to ensure a safer distance at work. Regardless of whether we like it or not, the future of the workplace is about to change forever.  Both small start-ups and larger corporations are currently making the necessary changes required to adapt to this new normal, but it must be carried out both safely and carefully to ensure employees feel safe.  If you are currently creating a strategy to help your team return to work in the [...]

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World earth day – Why you should be using eco-friendly branded products

With World Earth Day taking place today April 22, we felt it was a key opportunity to highlight the increasing importance of companies and businesses playing their part to protect the health of our planet and help combat climate change. This issue is at the forefront of discussion for so many key decision-makers and with most companies already using branded eco-friendly merchandise to enhance their marketing strategies our team here at Connect Promotions wanted to give you some key reasons why you should be using eco-friendly products and promote the importance of sustainability. Shows good [...]

3 ways promotional merchandise can have a positive impact on remote employees

Over the past number of weeks, most companies in Ireland and across the world have begun working from home due to the CoronaVirus outbreak. This has changed how we communicate and interact with our employees and colleagues. It has also left some people feeling a little unmotivated or disconnected from their co-workers. Here at Connect Promotions, we know first hand how promotional products are a great way to drive employee engagement, boost productivity and positivity among teams. Whether it's tech-gadgets, company apparel or even some sweet or chocolate treats, these gestures can have a significant [...]

5 tips to help your team work from home during the CoronaVirus outbreak

Over the past few weeks, we have seen so many companies and small businesses all over the country requesting that their employees work from home until further notice due to the outbreak of the CoronaVirus. With so many people currently settling into their new work environments, we decided to add a new ‘Work from Home’ section to our Connect Promotions website and we also wanted to share some tips to help you and your team adjust to working from home.   1. Equip your team with the technology they need One of the best ways to [...]

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