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Why Choose Eco Friendly Promotional Products? [2019]

Promotional products are a highly effective form of advertising, and a key part of any marketing strategy, but getting your promotional products right is key. Giving out promotional products that your customers do not want or need is not a good association for your business, and paying attention to the latest trends in promotional products will help you to make choices that build your business and spread your brand reach. Climate change is big news, and more and more consumers are turning away from single use products and unsustainable items that are harmful to the [...]

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Promotional Merchandise: Environmental Impact and How To Go Eco

Did you know that the promotional merchandise industry is changing? As awareness of climate change increases and it is no longer possible to ignore this vital subject, consumers and businesses are adjusting their mindset and their purchasing decisions in favour of sustainable products. Here at Connect Promotions, we’re leading the way with an exciting range of products that can develop your business and spread your brand reach without compromising on the wellbeing of the planet.   Whether your priority is to create a product range that is reuseable, recyclable or made entirely from recycled items, [...]

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Promotional Merchandise: Current Trends and Future Tips

Promotional merchandise is an important strand of the marketing strategy for any business, and it can have a significant impact on your outcomes and your business development if done well. A recent study by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) explored the way in which businesses choose and use their promotional merchandise, and identified the sort of promotional merchandise that engages the customers of today.   Here at Connect Promotions, we believe that every business deserves to get its promotional marketing right, and we pride ourselves on offering an excellent range of products that can [...]

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The Right Promotional Product???

There are many factors in a company’s success: the high quality of the product offered or the employee happiness can be examples. But what is really behind everything is always a brand, strong and well established both nationally and maybe internationally. Here at Connect Promotions we believe that an appropriate promotional item is a powerful tool for brand affirmation. Promoting a brand means being recognized and being remembered on the market, so by using a promotional item you are not simply putting a logo on an economic tribute, as many think, but you are communicating [...]

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Moleskine: The Legendary Notebook

Aligning your business with a brand that offers quality and class is a great way to set yourself ahead of your competitors, and our partnership with Moleskine allows you to do just that. Moleskine offers the type of integrity and professionalism that only elite brands can evoke, and you can identify yourself with the best when you connect your business with these exclusive products. Moleskine objects include notebooks, diaries, journals, bags, writing instruments and reading accessories, all of which are integral to our mobile identity. These nomadic objects travel with us everywhere we go, and [...]

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Promotional Products to Improve the Reach of Your Online Marketing

Marketing decisions are often taken with specific aims in mind, and if your goal is to improve the reach of your online marketing, stepping up your use of promotional products is a particularly good strategy. Online marketing is the main focus for most businesses today, and working with a company who really understands this is invaluable. Here at Connect Promotions, our expertise can make it easy for you to maximise the impact of your promotional merchandise and improve the online reach of your brand. Use Promotional Products to Transform Your Online Reach Building the perfect [...]

How To Find High Quality Branded Clothing For Your Company

Are you searching for branded clothing for corporate gifts, or uniform that will look great to your customers, feel good for your staff and help to grow your brand? This may sound like a tall order, but good branded clothing should perform all of these functions, and here at Connect Promotions, we can ensure that your branded clothing is working hard for you. There are countless options and decisions to make when you are selecting a range of branded clothing for your company, and working with the professionals is a great way to simplify the [...]

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Premium Branding Strategies

Premium brands demand a different level of commitment and investment from consumers, and in return, they must deliver a higher level of service, quality and customer satisfaction. Positioning your brand as premium will allow greater margins and returns, and can drive your business forward, but it is important to do it right. If you want to make the most of your promotional merchandise, talk to us about how to position your brand as premium. Here at Connect Promotions, we have a range of excellent suppliers and partners who we know we can rely on to [...]

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Case Study: The Executive PA Forum

Have you registered for the Executive PA Forum yet? Ireland’s biggest conference for EA and PA professionals is a unique opportunity to network and access excellent information and research from the top names in the industry. The Forum is an annual event designed to bring together Ireland’s top EAs and PAs, Office Managers and administrative support staff, and the 2018 event attracted a fantastic line-up of speakers. The 2018 Forum was held on the 17th and 18th May at the Radisson Hotel Blu in Dublin, and it was a resounding success for all. Conference bags [...]

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How Quality Branded Clothing Can Help Staff Retention

Branded uniforms and clothing can be highly effective tools for marketing and staff retention, and this has become an exciting and diverse way to grow your brand. Whether you are introducing new uniform ranges for your entire staff team or creating items for special occasion wear, we can help you to make it work for your business. Here at Connect Promotions, we have many years experience of working in partnership with businesses to create relevant and high quality ranges of promotional products. Branded garments are a large part of this, and they can be used [...]

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