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Common Mistakes With Promotional Merchandise

Promotional products are a key marketing tool that can be used in many ways throughout your organisation, but getting it right can be challenging. Here at Connect Promotions, we know the promotional merchandise industry inside out, and we can pass on our expertise to stop you from making common errors.

A Day in the Life of… Bob Gee, Founder & Director at Connect Promotions

This post originally appeared on the Marketing Institute of Ireland blog.   The Marketing Institute: What does the owner/director of a leading Branded Merchandise company actually do? Bob Gee: We supply a variety of branded promotional products to clients in all sectors and areas of Ireland. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get the best results from their investments in Promotional Merchandise. My role can be quite all encompassing and it’s easy to get bogged down on day-to-day details. I keep telling myself I need to pull back and take an overall [...]

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2018 Promotional Merchandise Trends

Promotional merchandise is an exciting industry to work within at the moment, since the emerging trends are so diverse and inspiring. Far from the generic and limited options in previous years, clients can now choose from a huge range of products and designs for their promotional merchandise, and can personalise products to reinforce brand identity and demonstrate high quality.

Why Companies Are Boosting Employee Perks

Companies across every industry are investing in offering perks and benefits to their employees as a means of retaining and attracting key staff, and a central focus within this is the reward and recognition programmes that we see making such a difference for the businesses we work with.

Marketing Trends 2018

We’re looking at the year ahead and making plans to deliver the very best for our clients and their marketing strategies. Promotional merchandise is a vital consideration for marketing professionals, and working with us can streamline your marketing and create a dynamic way to reach new audiences. Here are the top trends that look set to make a difference this year.

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Got The 2018 Budget Sorted Yet?

Have you planned your promotional marketing budget for 2018 yet? Research by BPMA suggests that the annual budget for promotional merchandise across the UK and Ireland is more than €1bn. This is a large chunk of marketing outlay, and if you haven’t already considered how to invest in the next year, this is a great time to do so.

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How To Keep Good Staff

It’s not an easy time to be in business, and making the most of your assets is a great way to improve your longevity in the business world. With shortages in some sectors, companies are realising that they need to manage staff retention more proactively, and this is a key area for development in many businesses.

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Powerful Promotional Products

We’re heading into the season of goodwill, and our friends and family will be on our minds as we choose special gifts for them. However, this is also an excellent time of year to show your appreciation for your team and your clients, and there’s nothing like a promotional gift to get everyone in the mood for the festivities.

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