All around the country colleges and universities are opening up their doors once again for the new academic year. And with this come’s a whole new bunch of students (the Fresher’s!).

It is a well-known fact that students love free stuff (don’t we all)!! So why not take advantage of this little fact by giving them some super cool and useful promotional products that will create a little buzz around campus.

Starting college means living out of home for the first time for a lot of new students and that means doing their own grocery shopping (no more relying on mammy for every little thing). So think about giving them a functional promotional product that they can keep and use repeatedly. One thing comes to my mind immediately: Cotton Shoppers. These can be colourful, fashionable and eye catching and used regularly for those little trips to the shop for pot noodles, beans and soup (the old college favourites).

Now down to the important stuff………….the new schedules and the new amount of college work that has to be done to deadlines. Yes college is all about being organised. Branded diaries are perfect to help students juggle the hectic lifestyle that is campus living.

Of course there is so many more fun, yet useful, promotional products you can choose from; USB memory sticks, notebooks, pens, laptop sleeves, key rings and confectionary for the sweet toothed big kids.

Giving students a little promotional gift is a great way of generating goodwill and gaining long term exposure for your business.