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Onboarding Kits

Nothing says “WELCOME TO THE TEAM” like the right onboarding kit!

Now that you have found the right talent to help your company grow, you need to make them feel part of the team. Starting any new job can be daunting and these days you may not be able to welcome all your new hires in person. So whether you want to create a thriving workspace or provide a supportive working-from-home pack, an onboarding kit is an essential way to make a new recruit feel part of the team. Present them with an inspiring onboarding kit that allows them to become a brand champion from day one.

An onboarding kit, or new hire welcome kit, is designed for new employees and remote employees, to make them feel welcome to your company and create a positive workplace experience from the outset. This welcome package will usually include branded company swag, a few snacks and office supplies or other welcome gifts, packaged in a gift box with an employee handbook and a welcome letter for a personal touch. Most companies find this a very helpful part of the onboarding process, making each employee feel valuable and beginning to demonstrate the company culture with relevant and useful gifts.

Why are onboarding kits so important?

Recruitment is an expensive business, and when you’ve put the effort into finding the talent you need to help your company thrive, it is then essential to retain that talent. The recruitment world is very competitive, so you need to do all you can to ensure your company has the edge, and can keep the best people on side. Give them a great first impression of your business, and make them feel part of the team from the start with an excellent onboarding kit. As well as providing a welcome and reflecting your company values, your kit can help smooth the transition to a new job by giving all the information a new recruit might need, in one handy place.

An onboarding gift box can be as big or small as you like, and we are experts in catering to every budget whilst retaining consistency of branding and messaging. Your dedicated account manager will help you choose from a range of curated products that will not only demonstrate your company values, personality and overall mission, but will also underpin your standpoint on the environment. We can help you focus on purposeful and sustainably produced items that suit new starters working-from-home or in-office. You can be fun or serious. You can choose luxury or everyday. Seasonal or traditional. You can focus on supporting the work, or just bringing smiles to faces. We will make sure you choose the right combination for your employee welcome kits.

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Eco friendly employee onboarding kits

In the world of promotional products, eco friendly choices are increasingly important and a new hire welcome kit is the perfect opportunity to show that you care about sustainable living. A stainless steel travel mug, for instance, is a very popular addition to an employee onboarding kit, promoting reusable products and preventing the use of disposable cups in the office. This is a gift that combines practicality and style, and your new employees will consider it a useful and thoughtful gift. A company culture that is committed to eco friendly decision making is likely to be much more popular with employees and customers, and a new employee welcome kit that reflects these principles will speak volumes about your integrity as a business.

High quality employee welcome kit ideas

As with other corporate gifting programmes, a new employee welcome kit tells your recipient about your company culture and makes a statement about your business. Partnering with high end brands means demonstrating a commitment to quality and style, and this is perfect for inspiring employees to invest their efforts as part of your team. A great example is the basic coffee mug, which may be relegated to the back of the cupboard or may become a prized possession if it is chosen with care and is a well designed, attractive gift. The difference in quality of promotional gifts can be dramatic, and making wise choices can really influence the way your recipients respond. If you want to get your employees excited to work in a forward thinking, generous company, it’s well worth investing in a welcome kit that reflects these values.

Choose the products your team needs

We have a wide range of gifts that are suitable for an employee welcome kit and we can help you to choose products that reflect your values and your style. Whether you are updating your existing kits or creating a new initiative in your workplace, we will work with you to make the right impact. Choose from the following categories, including as many products as you wish, and we will help you to create the perfect employee onboarding kit:

Delicious treats are a highly popular option for new hire welcome kits, and we have plenty of high quality snacks to choose from.

Employee welcome kits boost employee engagement

Your new employees will be delighted to be joining a company that believes in employee appreciation and a welcome kit creates a positive environment that fosters loyalty and productivity across your entire team. Coupled with employee reward programmes and corporate gifting, a new hire welcome kit will promote hire retention and show that employees receive respect and appreciation across your organisation.

Products that are branded with your company name are also a great way to advertise your business, and whether you are gifting a t-shirt or a tote bag, your high quality company branding will add to the perfect welcome kit. A welcome letter, preferably a handwritten letter, is a great way to engage with your new team members and make that first impression even more positive.

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