Premium brands demand a different level of commitment and investment from consumers, and in return, they must deliver a higher level of service, quality and customer satisfaction. Positioning your brand as premium will allow greater margins and returns, and can drive your business forward, but it is important to do it right.

If you want to make the most of your promotional merchandise, talk to us about how to position your brand as premium. Here at Connect Promotions, we have a range of excellent suppliers and partners who we know we can rely on to deliver quality premium products, and we will help you to create a unique range that works for your business.

Premium Brand Promotional Products

 When you’re aiming to become a premium brand, there are many factors to consider. The differences your customers will expect include:

  1. Better quality. Promotional products vary from mass produced, low cost items to individual, bespoke gifts, and you can reflect the status of your business in the personalised products you choose. A premium product is expected to include better quality materials, and to last longer and work better than a cheaper counterpart.
  1. More attractive. Consumers who become committed to a brand usually do so because the brand stands out for being sleeker and more attractive than others. This is partly about desirability, and partly because a better looking product makes wearers or owners feel more attractive and more confident, allowing them to align their ideals and dreams with a certain group within society.
  1. Higher price. Premium products carry higher price tags, and it is inevitable that a business will pay more for premium promotional products. This is, however, an excellent investment in quality since the products will outlast their cheaper alternatives and, if used effectively, work out to be more cost effective in sustaining customer loyalty and commitment.
  1. Sustainability. Premium products that are locally produced and ethically sourced are particularly popular with customers, and a sustainable range will usually work out to be more cost effective for your business, too. We can explore the options to find out what sort of sustainable options are available to you, and work with you to find the best fit for your brand.
  1. Practicality. Although your premium products are designed to be high quality, they must also be produced and distributed in an efficient and cost effective manner. Better service is also expected when you identify your product as premium, so it is important to work with the experts to ensure that you can deliver the very best.

Promotional Merchandise Designed To Build Your Brand

Work with Connect Promotions and depend on us as a partner who can take the stress for you. We can help you to develop ideas and strategies, as well as sourcing the best products from our reliable suppliers and delivering them to you or to your corporate events worldwide. You can call us on 021 4345980, or contact us online to discuss your needs.