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Eco Giveaways

Eco giveaways are an excellent addition to your swag boxes, gifts bags and trade show giveaway range and we have a good selection of keychains and lanyards made with recycled and sustainable materials.

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The market for eco promotional products is well established and it’s clear that products that reflect environmentally friendly values are the most popular option with consumers. High end gifts that combine style and eco friendly principles lead the way in corporate gifting schemes and employee reward programmes. However, there is still a need for small, affordable giveaway products for mass giveaways and brand promotion, and eco giveaways are the perfect solution.

Materials such as bamboo are renowned for their sustainability, and they also look great, giving you a stylish item that will be branded with your company name, logo or message to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

Our eco giveaways are an ideal addition to your promotional marketing range and we’ll be happy to talk to you about the way you use promotional products to grow your brand. Our friendly team understand the way to optimise your marketing with promotional products and we will help you to develop an exciting range of merchandise that works for you.

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