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RFID Wallets and Card Protectors

The Secrid range of wallets and card protectors is designed to give you peace of mind in the most stylish way. Our corporate gift range includes these exquisite RFID wallets and card protectors to ensure that your data is safe at all times, preventing identity theft and fraud, and the sleek designs stand out for their simplicity.

High quality branded items such as these are ideal for corporate gifts that stand out. We can help you to bring premium products into your promotional marketing strategy and your company will benefit when you align yourself with a top end brand like Secrid.

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Secrid wallets and card protectors come in a wide range of colours and designs, so you can choose from the original card protector, which holds six cards, the new slimwallet, which holds 12 cards, or the double card protector Twinwallet, which holds 16 cards. Browse through the full range and discover these options and more. 

Card protectors and wallets come in several different materials so you can match your wallet to your mood. From soft pink leather to leopard print, you can select a fabric you love for your wallet. Card protectors come in options such as sleek aluminium, with an easy to use sliding mechanism. 

Secrid RFID wallets and card protectors are a step ahead of the crowd, helping you to keep your data private and guard against the real risk of fraud. Your customers and employees will be impressed with your forward thinking, and this will be remembered as an especially useful and generous promotional gift.

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