Winter has arrived……wind, rain and that distinctive chilly bite in the air….…but fear not, we have amazing products for you to keep you snug and warm!!!

Have you thought about giving your employees a winter gift in recognition of their hard work throughout the year……certain to leave a warm feeling. Or maybe you would like to do a winter marketing campaign for your customers? We can print your logo on any of our winter products which are sure to be worn by anyone that receives them, getting you maximum brand exposure while protecting your employees and customers from exposure to the cold!!!


Winter Beanies hat:  Of course we have to start with one of our favourite products here at Connect……..the logo position (embroidered) and fashionable style makes this the go-to product this season!! What colour matches your logo? Contact us now, we are yet to find a logo we cannot make look fabulous from our range of colours, shapes and materials… let us help you choose the best one for you.

Really want to go all out and spoil your target audience…..… you have to check out our Polar Winter Set. This set includes a fleece hat, scarf and gloves, all packed in a 100% polyester drawstring bag. Or maybe you would prefer the Umbrella/Scarf Set… really useful for those rainy winter days. This Set consisting of a folding umbrella with wooden handle and a fleece scarf in a presentation box.

Clothing not really matching your requirements on this occasion? Then these amazing Hot Packs and Hot Water Bag with fleece covers are just for you. Both of them  ideal for winter or even to alleviate muscular pain, useful throughout the year, not just winter.




We cannot forget to mention the Scraper, how many times have you gone to your car on a freezing morning and wished you had one of these?!!!! Give them to employees and customers and they will be the envy of every neighbour that has to trek back inside to get a kettle of water to de-frost their windscreen… perfect to save time on those frozen mornings when you want to get out of the cold quickly.  Amazing product to add your logo to and expose your brand.  To be ultra efficient we have Keyring Scrapers!!