Did you know that the promotional merchandise industry is changing? As awareness of climate change increases and it is no longer possible to ignore this vital subject, consumers and businesses are adjusting their mindset and their purchasing decisions in favour of sustainable products. Here at Connect Promotions, we’re leading the way with an exciting range of products that can develop your business and spread your brand reach without compromising on the wellbeing of the planet.


Whether your priority is to create a product range that is reuseable, recyclable or made entirely from recycled items, we are here to help. Many products that appear to be environmentally sound choices, such as some wooden items, will unfortunately still have a high cost to the environment in terms of sourcing, manufacturing and delivering them to you. We can help you to choose items that really enable your business to do its bit for the world, and you can rest assured that we will take the stress out of sustainability for you.


Environmentally Friendly Promotional Merchandise For Your Business

 When you are planning a marketing strategy that will take your business to the next level, you can’t afford to ignore the green factor. This is going to lead the way for businesses in the future, and will make the difference between becoming a brand leader or being left behind. Here are some important elements to consider:


  •  Think about manufacturing. Sustainable products must be manufactured in a sustainable way, and it is important to understand this as it is not always straightforward. Bamboo t-shirts, for example, are heralded as a great alternative to cotton, but the manufacturing processes that are required to turn a wood crop into cloth is extremely intensive and uses a vast amount of water in production, which has a negative impact on the planet. Re-purposing old garments is much more environmentally sound, and an item of clothing that recycles old fabric, for example, provides a talking point as well as multiple benefits for the environment.


  •  Consider delivery impact. Don’t make assumptions about the impact of delivery of your merchandise, but do your research thoroughly and make your decisions from a fully informed position. Often, a local producer will offer you the much more sustainable option, cutting delivery costs and lowering the impact on the environment. However, some products are less damaging to the environment overall when they are grown or produced in their country of origin, and trying to mimic these conditions elsewhere can be environmentally damaging


  •  Involve your recipients. Think about your customers when you are creating a product range, and involve them in the process to find out what they really want. If there is a desire to eliminate waste, for example, you may wish to explore the idea of giving a voucher instead of an item that is likely to be wasted, as this will align your company more closely with your target audience.


  •  Consider the materials you use. Again it is all about the research. Many people aim to eliminate plastics, but plastic can be the most sustainable choice if it is recycled and can be recycled again when it reaches the end of its life. We can help you to find items that are made from other recycled products, and many customers see this as a very positive step in the right direction.


  •  Go for quality. Gone are the days of having a huge pile of disposable items to distribute at events – this simply will not impress consumers anymore. Think carefully about the sort of product that will send the right message about your brand as an eco ambassador, and let us help you to create something that will be a real and effective investment in the future of your business and the world.


And if all that research sounds overwhelming, rest assured, we’ve got it covered. Partnering with us means you can make the most of your investment in promotional merchandise, building on our expertise to find the best options for you, every time.


Strategies For Environmentally Aware Businesses

Switching your promotional merchandise strategy up to take an environmentally friendly stance is a great way to raise your eco profile and align your brand with an eco approach. That’s not the end of the story, however, as businesses across the globe have a great contribution to make to the future of climate change and you’ll need to engage on every level to become a leader in your field. You can engage with customers and develop a reputation as a caring, contemporary business for the future when you introduce sustainable measures across your organisation, such as:


  • Invest in sustainable products. Disposable products have had their day, and sustainability is the way forward. You can ensure that all paper and cardboard items in your office are made from recycled materials, and eliminate single use products from your organisation altogether. Some great alternatives to plastic are being developed, and staying aware of these will enable you to make sustainable choices wherever possible.


  • Think about transport. If your business uses vehicles as part of its operations, you may already be wondering about the best way forward. Some businesses are beginning to use drones as an alternative to delivery vehicles, and options that minimise road traffic and rely on fossil fuels are sure to become more popular in the future. If your employees tend to travel to work by car, consider an incentive to encourage them to use public transport or bike or walk to work instead.


  • Clean up your office. Using non toxic cleaning products is even more important on an industrial scale than it is in our own homes, and when companies demand non-toxic cleaning products, these will become the norm. Don’t compromise the health of your employees and the planet, but insist on products that are safe for everyone and do not cause harm to the environment or marine life.


  • Waste less. Consumption on a vast scale has contributed to many aspects of climate change, and doing your bit to solve the problem means committing to wasting less of our valuable resources. Think about whether documents really need printing, and consider what is comprising the bulk of the waste your organisation is throwing away. If you provide food for employees, for example, look at what is being disposed of every week and see where you can make changes to your ordering to reduce waste.


Talk To Connect Promotions For Eco Promotional Merchandise

Here at Connect Promotions, we are certain that environmentally sound products are going to become the mainstay of the promotional merchandise industry. We have worked closely with our excellent partners across the world to ensure that we can bring you the very best of sustainable options, and we can help you to design and deliver a promotional merchandise range that works for your business, your customers and the planet.


We will take the stress out of promotional merchandise for you, ensuring that you make the best decisions for your business every time. You can call us on 021 4345980 or contact us online to discuss your requirements.