RAG week is an annual event that is held in most colleges and universities around Ireland. The abbreviation RAG stands for “Raise and give” and it is basically a week of student run charity events and fundraising.  Rag week is usually held every year in January, February and March and usually includes events such as soccer tournaments, quizzes, games, carnivals, entertainment on campus during the day and theme parties and other gigs during the night.

Are students your target market or one of them? Then RAG week would be a great way to get exposure for your business, by sponsoring an event, gig or a contest with promotional products. Students are the perfect target audience for promotional merchandise. There are many promotional products you can target at them for example confectionery, pens, USB’s, keyrings or even better how about giving out goodie bags.

With the increase of student fees and all the other issues facing students today a little token from you will be appreciated. There are plenty of other events in which you can target students such as Fresher’s week and college and universities open days. This is one great way of generating goodwill and getting great exposure for your business.