Using Promotional products is a brilliant way for charities and other
non-profit organisations to raise awareness and generate interest in their
cause. I’m sure you’ve seen the ribbons in aid of cancer research for
example; the pink bows to promote breast cancer awareness. This is a prime
example of how effective and efficient promotional products can be for
charity organisations.

Promotional products are fantastic for fundraising as you can sell the
product with the funds going toward the cause in question. Generally the
promotional product will have the charity’s details printed on it so you
can generate awareness AND fundraise at the same time, killing two birds
with one stone (great bang-for-your-buck!).

Here at Connect Promotions we find that our fundraising clients love
Silicon wristbands. They are popular for both adults and children, are
non-gender specific and come in lots of fun colours (with pantone matching
available too)

Trolley coins and key chains are also popular as the perfect promotional
products for charities. Trolley coins are very effective as most people
will keep one and use it regularly, giving the cause regular exposure.
Useful everyday promotional products with your logo on them will be a
great way for generating support raising interest and attention to the
cause or event.

Items like lollipops and pencils are also great for charities as they are low cost but still give you high exposure for your good cause.

Lanyards, cotton shoppers, pin badges, confectionery, Christmas cards, t shirts and pens are all examples of popular promotional products used by non-profit organisations.

Promoting for charities is just the same as promoting any other business.
You have a target audience and a goal to generate goodwill and brand
awareness. And promotional products are a perfect fit!

Charity doesnt just start at home……  So put your promoting thinking caps on.