The summer is fast approaching us and so too is the Leaving cert. This means students in sixth class all over the country are busy filling in college application forms and attending college open days.

Do you need ideas for creative  promotional products for colleges and university students? Then look no further. Goodie bags on the college open day are bound to be loved by the fresh-faced wide-eyed young students. They could be filled with anything from confectionary to pens and keyrings.

When I was leaving school and checking out which colleges to go to I found all these promotional products a serious novelty and a great bonus. Give them a functional item that they will keep and use. One of the most popular items on campus in recent years is branded condoms. (yes! you can brand these and yes definitely they are useful!) A gift as novel as that is one that won’t be forgotten soon!

Nearly all of today’s students are blessed with their own laptop (owh, how times change).  So, why not a cool and quirky laptop sleeve or bag? It is a promotional product that will be used daily and even better carried around  getting you further brand exposure.

The social life in college is much more energetic and active then secondary schools, there are loads of clubs and societies that you can join. So, silicon wristbands are perfect as well as sweets and other confectionary.

There are so many other cool yet practical products you can choose from; Post Its, travel mugs, USB memory sticks and diaries for the academic year.  For those of you with a bigger and broader budget you could invest in backpacks.

Being a student today is a struggle and every little thing is appreciated. This makes students the perfect target audience for promotional merchandise. For additional information on this topic please see our previous blog on Promotional Products and third level students!