Promotional merchandise is all about selecting the right products to reflect your business and its ethos, and this applies to the construction and DIY sector, too. Finding the right promotional products for your industry can be a challenge – and working with us allows you to choose from a huge range of products, so you can get it just right.


Promotional Gifts For Construction And DIY Business

  1. Measuring tape. If you’re offering a promotional gift that you hope will be reused many times by those in the construction or DIY sector, quality is key. A measuring tape is always useful, and a stylish model that can be customized with your business details and logo will ensure that your message endures.


  1. Torch. Torches are always in high demand, and we stock a huge variety from small pocket torches to high-end LED flashlights. Customizing a high end product with your business details speaks volumes about the quality and excellence you offer, as well as ensuring that your information will be displayed forever on a treasured item.


  1. Construction pencils. It’s fair to assume that those in the construction industry will have a constant need for high quality pencils, and you can personalize your design in a colour that matches your branding to make the most of this promotional opportunity to spread the word.


  1. Stress toys. Stress is an inevitable factor in most of our lives, so stress toys are a great way to combat this with your promotional merchandise. Gift ideas include stress relief construction workers and vehicles, so you can raise a smile while getting your business details out there.


  1. Items of clothing are usually a great idea for promotional merchandise, since they can be used repeatedly and are seen as a useful and practical gift. Workwear can be a useful promotional product for the construction industry, and as usual, great quality gifting speaks for itself.


Let Connect Promotions Take The Pressure

A high quality promotional gift is a proven way to build connections and rapport with your clients and employees, and promotional merchandise is recognised as a highly effective marketing strategy. Our catalogue allows you to find the perfect products for your brand and your company, and to customise them for optimum impact.

We can work with you from conception to delivery, or help at any stage to relieve the pressure. We thrive on a positive partnership with our clients, and we promise excellence every time. You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out what we can do for you, or contact us online to discuss your needs.

 You can call us on 021 4345980 to find out what we can do for you, or contact us online to discuss your needs.