Branded uniforms and clothing can be highly effective tools for marketing and staff retention, and this has become an exciting and diverse way to grow your brand. Whether you are introducing new uniform ranges for your entire staff team or creating items for special occasion wear, we can help you to make it work for your business.

Here at Connect Promotions, we have many years experience of working in partnership with businesses to create relevant and high quality ranges of promotional products. Branded garments are a large part of this, and they can be used very effectively to increase employee loyalty and retention if you take the time to get your strategy right.

Make Your Branded Garments Work For You

 It’s challenging to design and create branded clothing for your staff team, but considering the following aspects may help you to get it right. Your clothing should be:

 1. Practical. You will need to consider the nature of your business and the environment that garments will be worn in so that you can make the best choices. Your staff will not thank you for introducing a branded hoodie if they are regularly required to work in hot environments, for example, and you might need to consider different options for the different times of the year.

2. Comfortable. Don’t assume that everyone is the same: seek the opinions of the people who will be wearing the branded clothing wherever possible. Find out whether your team would prefer loose or fitted tops, for example, and decide whether you will offer an individual choice or go with the majority preference.

3. Relevant. Whenever your staff connect with members of the public, there is an opportunity to boost your marketing and grow your brand. Ensure that your branded clothing contributes towards this by seeking expert advice and connecting it to your brand. Your first step will probably be to consider whether your existing logo and format is serving your brand as well as possible.

4. Cost effective. Every company has a budget, and finding the right products without blowing yours can be a challenge. Take the time to research fabric choices and branding options, and don’t feel forced into opting for big brand names as smaller brands often offer the same quality and features for a much lower price tag.

5. Attractive. If your staff enjoy wearing your branded clothing, they will be a great advert for your business and ethos. It’s worth investing in getting your design right, and unique details that draw attention to certain features will get your brand noticed for all the right reasons. Talk to us about the creative options that could work for your business.

Connect Promotions can make the most of your Promotional Merchandise

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