A great deal of marketing strategy involves planning for the long term, and it is important to invest in a forward-thinking approach, but there are many things you can do in the short term to generate results fast. The success of your marketing strategy can be seen in your analytics and your conversion rate, and it can take time to make a difference to these, but it is possible to boost your results when you try some of the following ideas.

 Marketing Tricks To Try Today

  1.  Make more of your content. You can boost your profile and increase your traffic with very little effort when you re-use your existing content in a new way. Our top tip is to re-format your content so that it gets a second airing for not much more work. For example, if you have an article that was well received, re-frame it as a video and share it with everyone in your contact list. Any of your promotional material can be re-purposed in the way, and you can simply refresh the information and share in a new arena to improve your results.
  2. Prioritise your key pages. If you intend to optimise your website for SEO, that’s a great goal but it will not be a quick fix. You can however, make a good start by prioritising the most important pages on your website. You should check that you have used keywords effectively and consistently, and seek constructively critical feedback from a friend or colleague.
  3. Boost your backlinks. Backlinks are links to your website from another website, and these are vital to improve your online presence. You can update or request an update to your backlink on any site where you have contact with the editor, such as partner sites, event sites and directories. This is a fast tactic to boost the credibility and profile of your main website, and adding backlinks on external pages wherever you can is a great way to get better results.
  4. Give something away. Just as a physical giveaway can get your customers interested, an online giveaway can be a very useful way to collect contact information from new leads and generate more interest in your brand. An ebook or ‘how to’ video that customers must sign up for via a landing page on your website can be a very good incentive for new and existing customers.

Here at Connect Promotions, we can help to create successful strategies and bring more marketing wins with your promotional merchandise. This is a great way to turn around a difficult patch for your business, and you can make positive changes when you talk to us today.

 Connect Promotions Can Take Care Of The Details

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