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Employee Gifts Increase Motivation

Employees are the backbone of any great business which is why it is so important to ensure they are appreciated in the workplace. Rewarding and recognising hard work sends a positive message to employees, positively impacting productivity and loyalty from within a company. Recruitment is always a costly and time consuming process, but recruitment of the best talent is becoming ever harder, and so retaining employees is now of key importance to employers. Rewards and recognition are increasingly vital, to ensure employees know their efforts are appreciated when they reach targets or achieve goals. Gifting premium, innovative and practical products is one of the best ways to show that you care.Employee recognition is often neglected in the workplace, but your employees are the backbone of your business and showing them the appreciation they deserve will transform your work environment and increase productivity. Setting up an employee rewards program will positively impact your company culture and increase employee engagement and output simultaneously, and we can help you to do this with corporate gifts and recognition ideas.

Rewarding and recognising hard work through a recognition program sends a positive message to employees, positively impacting loyalty and creating a culture of appreciation from within a company. Recruitment is always a costly and time consuming process and retaining employees should be of key importance to employers. Rewards and a recognition program are increasingly vital, to ensure employees feel special and maintain their motivation to achieve goals. Gifting innovative and practical products also helps employees stay connected and boosts employee morale, making a lasting impression on individuals and your company as a whole.





World Leading Brands: Gift Ideas

Whether it’s a one off reward or an employee recognition program that you need help with, our dedicated team at Connect Promotions have years of experience and expert industry insight. We can advise you on structuring and implementing your own rewards scheme or employee recognition program, or create financial incentives linked to achievement. We can work with you to source and design merchandise that your employees will recognise as a thoughtful gift to enjoy both in and out of the workplace, with access to some of the world’s top brands in apparel, technology and drinkware.

Designing an employee recognition program for your organization involves looking at your workplace and creating a gift program that fits with your brand and your ethos. Most reward programs are personal to the companies that set them up, often using company branding in conjunction with quality corporate gifts and other benefits. A company that puts in the effort to create an employee recognition program will find that your employees will go the extra mile to build strong relationships within the company and put in greater efforts in return.

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Rewards and Recognition Benefits for Your Company

Your company will reap the benefits of introducing a strategic rewards program for your workforce. A scheme that offers rewards and recognition shows that you are keeping track of employees and offers personal motivation for good service. Creating motivation within your workplace is not always easy and a gift program for employee rewards and recognition can work for everyone, to motivate your workforce throughout the organization.

A rewards program is an asset to your organization, showing employees that there are rewards and benefits in return for loyalty and productivity, which encourages employee engagement and retention. Setting up a rewards and recognition program is something to add to your bucket list to join the leading companies in your field. Creating a company culture that offers rewards and recognition for employees makes you more desirable as an employer and can help to take your organization to new levels of success.

Studies show that employees who find recognition denied are less likely to feel committed to their companies, and where the experience is of recognition delayed, employees are less likely to offer consistent loyalty and high performance to their job. Rewards and recognition programs are, therefore, even more valuable to the companies that offer them than they are to the individual employees they reward.

Brands We Love

Reward programs are a great way to motivate your staff and partnering with a quality brand can help your employee rewards program to stand out from the crowd. Your team will love to receive recognition for their efforts, and we have some great recognition ideas for you. For HR professionals or managers in your workplace, we have a range of high end employee rewards and gifts that will add a personal touch to the office, and for remote workers, we have a range of creative ideas to encourage connections within your team. A gift that shows your appreciation for the efforts of your employees can provide extra support and encouragement during tougher times, and even a happy birthday gift is a thoughtful way to create cohesion in your team.

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Storage and fulfilment

Logistics can present a real challenge to employers who are keen to reward employees but lack storage space and fulfilment capacity within their organization. Rest assured, wherever your team is located across the country, we will be able to deliver your items direct to them. We can store your items in our warehouse until you need them, and we can also distribute orders to individual addresses. We work with your company to design a unique motivation program for your workforce, selecting and delivering the rewards your employees need.

Employee rewards and recognition are our speciality and we can help you to design a system that is rewarding for your business and all your employees. Your success is in the hands of your employees and showing that you value them can bring many benefits, so getting the logistics right is crucial. We can help with recognition ideas that support your output, ensuring that your rewards and recognition program is designed to reward employees in a timely manner. Conducting surveys has shown us that there is a optimum way to operate both rewards and recognition within your staff team and we can help you to make the most of the strategies that suit your company. Talk to us to find out more about the options we can offer for your workplace.

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Swag boxes

Swag boxes are an up-and-coming trend perfect for rewarding employees, showing appreciation and rewarding success. Fill them with gifts and products to reflect your company brand and values, such as products that are connected with a healthy lifestyle if this fits with your team and complements your employer branding. Your employees will love the personal touch that comes with a box of special gifts selected with them in mind, and it’s a great way to enhance your company culture and recognise the efforts of your team..

Make the most of your employee recognition program with Connect Promotions

An employee recognition program that both rewards your employees and increases your productivity is a win for everyone and the studies show that recognition programmes work. Employers who value the efforts of their workforce are likely to reap the benefits of giving recognition in this way, seeing increased motivation and success across their company as a result of this support. Employee rewards and recognition can have a positive effect on employees lives as well as the workplace environment and introducing new rewards strategically can keep the program fresh and rewarding for the whole team.

Here at Connect Promotions, we understand what makes an employee rewards system successful. We have a fantastic range of employee gifts and some unique recognition ideas you’ll love. Whether you want to create reward programs for hr professionals or remote workers in your workplace, we’re on hand to help you go the extra mile for your team. 

If you would like to know more about our brands and products please contact us here, or schedule a call-back to chat with one of our team members at a time that suits you best.

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